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How to have an awesome scuba-diving vacation in Caribbean Islands?
(Monday, 16 December 2013) Written by LissaWilliams show LissaWilliams profile
Scuba-diving is one of the reasons why Caribbean Islands are so popular among the tourists. Turquoise seas, white sandy beaches, shallow waters, and mesmerizing breeze are just the right things you would require for a vacation in the Caribbean. If you are planning a scuba-diving vacation somewhere in these islands, here are some things you should do. Shore dives are a great option You don’t have to break your bank to go on a scuba-diving vacation. If you really want to do lots of diving, consider shore diving. For a week, it will cost you tanks, gear and a rental car. Some of the destinations that offer the best shore dives include Hawaii and Cayman Islands. Consider Condos or the live-aboard option If you really want to save money, go for condos instead of hotels and resorts. You can easily find affordable & spacious condos or houses near scuba-diving spots. Check sites like or to find Antigua House Rentals , if that’s where you are going. Similarly, you can check live-aboard companies to find the best deals. All you have to do is pay one price for unlimited scuba-diving, meals and accommodation. If you are lucky enough, you might even score a last-minute discount. Don’t neglect safety When it comes to scuba-diving, never ignore safety . Have a check-list of the gear you have to carry with you. Also, inspecting the dive gear is equally important. Other things you need to take care of include – Carry prescription masks Check the personal gear such as fins, regulator setup, emergency whistle, empty weight belt, buoyancy compensator device (BCD) etc. Have a save-a-dive kit, dry bag, dive lights etc. Motion sickness medicines or crystallized ginger must be carried without fail. If you have an ear-problem, let the dive instructor know about it. Those having sinus problems or head cold, must take non-drowsy OTC medicines. Besides considering the above mentioned points, it is equally important to select the best time of the year to plan your scuba-diving vacation as the Caribbean Islands are prone to hurricanes. Also, if you want to save money on flights, consider choosing budget airlines. Use online resources to search for package deals to save on your pocket. Lastly, make sure you have important documents such as passport copies, credit cards, itineraries in place to avoid any hassles.

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Fishing and Hunting Resort – Ontario Options
(Saturday, 31 August 2013) Written by AlanSheffield show AlanSheffield profile
Ontario, Canada has long been associated with quality fishing and hunting . This portion of the country is known for its scenery. There are thousands of beautiful lakes to choose from here. The Ministry of Natural Resources has declared Ontario to be a great place for an authentic fishing and hunting experience. There are resorts and lodges throughout the country for professional and amateur sportsmen. Not all of these resorts are the same, nor do they offer the same amenities. It is possible to camp in various locations while fishing at Ontario lakes. Hiking, canoeing and swimming are other popular activities that make the area special. Visitors to this destination should look for resorts that suit their needs. Those with cabins, dining facilities, laundries and other offerings are available. You may even find sites with electricity, boats and equipment. Choose Diverse Resorts If you’re planning to fish and hunt on your trip to Ontario, you will want to choose a diverse resort. Many of the lodges and resorts in the country accommodate visitors of different interests. You can explore locations like Eagle Lake. This area offers more than 63,000 acres for fishing and hunting. There are special places to view throughout the country for hikers. Families touring these areas will find many intriguing activities. Great Fishing Activities The waterways of Ontario are brilliant places to explore. Bottle Bay, Clearwater and Stewart are some spots for fishermen to visit. Resorts with boat rentals often have 16 to 18 feet selections. Popular fishing in these locations usually includes catches of Walleyes and Northern Pike. You may find your trophy yet while enjoying these waterways. Resorts with staff guides are great options for new fishing enthusiasts. These individuals offer tips and instructions for catching fish. Fun Hunting Experience There are currently more than 400,000 hunters among the residents of Ontario. You can hunt for goose, duck and deer. This will depend on the area and resort location that your choose for your trip. It is important to know when the hunting season begins for these animals. Regulations and hunting licenses are essential for these activities, as well. Family Fun When the entire family is traveling with you, it is important to find fun activities. Hiking and picnicking can be done while enjoying your fishing and hunting. Older children may prefer canoes and exploring the landscape of Ontario. You can search for Ontario fishing lodges that have diverse opportunities and adventures. Keep in mind that some activities like skiing are associated with the time of year. The beauty of this country will help you to enjoy a memorable experience with your family. Fishing and hunting are popular activities in Ontario. There are other things to do in this portion of the country. Along with the stunning natural views, you can enjoy watching for wildlife. There are animals and plants that are central to certain portions of the country. Endangered species like bald eagles, beluga whales and polar bears are found in Ontario. Your trip to this destination will be filled with exhilarating experiences.

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Sailing as a Career: Feasible and Rewarding?
(Thursday, 08 August 2013) Written by johnlewis show johnlewis profile
Going further back than Ulysses, sailing has always had a glamour associated to it. Salty wind blowing your hair ; crisp white uniforms; beautiful ladies; enticing promises about what lies ahead; copious amounts of drinking and swearing; and sowing wild oats in every shore. What is the reality of it though? Rather prosaic, as realities usually tend to be. Sailing is a very competitive field to break into, and if you have missed out on handsome contracts with top racing crews, you may have humble beginnings, which isn’t unlike most other professions. If, however, you love the idea of being on water under the open skies, and seeing a new place every few months (or weeks), sailing might just be up your alley. Join a commercial cruise liner Being a part of a charter boat crew or that of a commercial cruise liner is the most common way of joining the world of sailing. It’s particularly popular among young men. It’s like a paid vacation where you meet many new people, see places you never would otherwise, learn about new cultures and new cuisines, etc. It remains one of the best ways to explore the world when you are young and relatively free of responsibility. The money isn’t great in the beginning, but the travel and the knowledge of the world gained from sailing puts you way ahead of your peers in terms of life experience. The money gets better with time and improved professionalism. Join the navy For the more serious minded, or patriotically inclined, the Royal Navy is also an option though much harder to get into than joining the crew of a cruise liner. You need to be tough as nails for this one but your hard work will be rewarded with excellent perks and payoffs. Become a marine engineer Marine engineers drive industrial vehicles full of unromantic things like drill machines and miscellaneous equipment for exploration. They dock at certain ports (depending on the duration of exploration at a site) for long months where they mostly supervise work from inside the ship. They live on the ship for the most part and do not see too much of the outside world. They, however, still end up seeing a lot more of it than what an average person would see during their lifetime. Marine engineering will allow you to combine your love for technology with your love of water. It will satiate your wanderlust as well as your materialistic streak as marine engineers are typically paid very well. Race with the top dogs This is a hardcore sailor’s ultimate dream -- racing and winning trophies. It does not happen overnight though; in fact, it never happens for most sailors. It involves spending a lot of money in the beginning with poor returns. Once you get yourself noticed due to your racing abilities though, and join a top racing crew, you can expect good cash to come your way. Become an instructor For those who don’t want to spend long months away from their families, becoming a boating or a sailing instructor is an excellent way to keep their passion for sailing alive and make money. The above are a few ways in which you can combine your love for sailing with a good living. Look up sailing courses in the UK to see if they can help you embark on a water-related career. Do proper research, and follow the siren of your heart.

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