Ghianis D wreck, Egypt. Photo by Stephane Rochon.

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Phat Kev

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9 years ago
9 years ago
9 years ago

Diver Profile

Established (6-9)
CMAS *** / Rescue
Boat, Night
Occasionally during year
Over 100
148 ft

Personnal info

United States of America
Married with Kids

Dive Sites

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Favourite lists

Nb of dive sites: 12

Marshall Islands

1 dive sites

Marshall Islands

Dive site GPS Atlas Rate Level Max depth DS HS WL  
Pinnacle number 9 Great All divers 28.9 m 2 1


2 dive sites

Puerto Vallarta

Dive site GPS Atlas Rate Level Max depth DS HS WL  
Las Tres Marietas Good All divers 35 m 23
Los Arcos Good CMAS * / OW 45 m 24 1 1

United States of America

9 dive sites


Dive site GPS Atlas Rate Level Max depth DS HS WL  
Black Rock (Sheraton) Good All divers 12.5 m 25 5

Molokini Island

Dive site GPS Atlas Rate Level Max depth DS HS WL  
Back Side Good CMAS ** / AOW 75 m 25 4 6
Middle Reef Standard All divers 8 m 30 1 4


Dive site GPS Atlas Rate Level Max depth DS HS WL  
Electric Beach Standard All divers 8.0 m 14 1 4
Halona Blow Hole Good All divers 11.0 m 5 4
Makaha Caverns Good CMAS * / OW 10.0 m 20 3 3
Sea Tiger Good CMAS ** / AOW 36 m 27 3 4
Shark's Cove Great All divers 12.2 m 20 3 7
YO-257 Great CMAS * / OW 33.8 m 25 1 5


Dive Logbook of Phat Kev show Phat Kev profile

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Dive log counter: 9

  Date Dive site My Rating Max depth Dive time  
Show 23-02-2001 Pinnacle number 9 28.7 m 42 min {TRIP_CELL}
Show 30-09-2000 Sea Tiger 36.6 m 30 min {TRIP_CELL}
Show 25-09-2000 Los Arcos 28.7 m 47 min {TRIP_CELL}
Show 24-09-2000 Las Tres Marietas 20.1 m 50 min {TRIP_CELL}
Show 09-01-1999 Back Side 80 m 24 min {TRIP_CELL}
Show 09-01-1999 Middle Reef 19.2 m 31 min {TRIP_CELL}
Show 29-11-1998 Makaha Caverns 14.3 m 47 min {TRIP_CELL}
Show 28-11-1998 Makaha Caverns 9.4 m 45 min {TRIP_CELL}
Show 28-11-1998 Makaha Caverns 9.1 m 53 min {TRIP_CELL}


Dive trips of Phat Kev show Phat Kev profile

Dive trip counter: 0


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