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8 years ago
7 years ago
8 years ago

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Just started (0-1 yrs)
First-dive only
Occasionally during year
Hamersley Pool, Cottesloe Groyne, Shoalwater Marine Park

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Unemployed Resting Travelling
Perth, Australia
Birdwatching, snorkelling

Dive Sites

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Nb of dive sites: 16


16 dive sites

Abrolhos Islands Archipelago

Dive site GPS Atlas Rate Level Max depth DS HS WL  
Batavia Shipwreck Great All divers 6 m 2 1

Exmouth and Ningaloo

Dive site GPS Atlas Rate Level Max depth DS HS WL  
Coral Bay Good All divers 8 m 10 2 3
Turquoise Bay - Bay swim Great All divers 4 m 2 1


Dive site GPS Atlas Rate Level Max depth DS HS WL  
Boyinaboat reef Good CMAS * / OW 8 m 5 2
Cottesloe Groyne Good All divers 7 m 2
Hamersley Pool Good All divers 6 m 1
Hillarys North Wall - inshore Standard All divers 3 m 1
Lake Leschenaultia Why not All divers 5 m 1
Mettams Pool Good All divers 3.0 m 5 1
North Cottesloe Reef Great All divers 8 m 1
Robb's Jetty Standard All divers 8 m 4
Woodman Point Great All divers 10 m 1


Dive site GPS Atlas Rate Level Max depth DS HS WL  
Litte Armstrong Bay Good All divers 12 m 2 1


Dive site GPS Atlas Rate Level Max depth DS HS WL  
Penguin Island Good All divers 0.5 m 3 1
Point Peron Good All divers 7 m 3 1

Rowley Shoals

Dive site GPS Atlas Rate Level Max depth DS HS WL  
Cod Hole Good CMAS * / OW 15 m 1 2


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Dive log counter: 9

  Date Dive site My Rating Max depth Dive time  
Show 12-05-2012 Woodman Point {TRIP_CELL}
Show 14-04-2012 Hillarys North Wall - inshore {TRIP_CELL}
Show 05-03-2012 Hillarys North Wall - inshore {TRIP_CELL}
Show 05-03-2012 Point Peron {TRIP_CELL}
Show 05-03-2012 Penguin Island {TRIP_CELL}
Show 03-03-2012 Hillarys North Wall - inshore {TRIP_CELL}
Show 26-02-2012 Cottesloe Groyne {TRIP_CELL}
Show 19-02-2012 Mettams Pool {TRIP_CELL}
Show 19-02-2012 Hamersley Pool {TRIP_CELL}


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Dive trip counter: 13

  Dive trip title Begining date End date Dive logs  
Show North Cottesloe Reef 10 February 2013 10 February 2013 0
Show Rottnest Island with Dolphin Dive 27 January 2013 27 January 2013 0
Show Boyinaboat Reef, Marmion Marine Park 21 January 2013 21 January 2013 0
Show Shoalwater Marine Park 13 January 2013 13 January 2013 0
Show Woodman Point 09 December 2012 09 December 2012 0
Show Shoalwater Marine Park and Rockingham 12 March 2012 12 March 2012 0
Show Cottesloe Groyne 09 March 2012 09 March 2012 0
Show Woodman Point 05 March 2012 05 March 2012 1
Show Shoalwater Marine Park 04 March 2012 04 March 2012 2
Show Hillary's North Wall 03 March 2012 03 March 2012 1
Show Hillary's North Wall 01 March 2012 01 March 2012 1
Show Cottesloe Groyne (eventually) 26 February 2012 26 February 2012 1
Show Hamersley & Mettam's Pool 19 February 2012 19 February 2012 2


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About Me

In March last year I went on a road trip from Perth to Broome and back.  On the way back I called into Cape Range National Park and Coral Bay for few nights each.

 I badly injured my knee at Cape Range and spent the rest of that day pottering about in the shallows at Turquoise Bay - I only had an old mask and a snorkel that was just a mouthpiece and a bit of PVC pipe.  Still, I was gobsmacked by being able to wade up to a chunk of coral, stick my head under the water with my mask on, and see the most spectacular fish RIGHT THERE!

Two days later at Coral Bay I booked myself in for a day snorkeling trip.  I had never done actual proper snorkeling before AND I was tending a dodgy knee, but I quickly discovered the beauty of swimming is that it doesn't put any weight on my bad knees.  We dove at two parts of the reef and spent an hour or so chasing Manta Rays, eventually we were lucky enough to have about 10 rays all lazily rolling over underneath us as they fed.

 Needless to say, I was hooked.  A few days after getting back to Perth I bought a snorkel set from a local camp store, but my knee prevented me from entering the water easily as the beach, it was nigh impossible in fins, not to mention the weather was rapidly cooling down.

 This summer however my knee is considerably better.  I have two friends who are also keen divers and they were quite delighted to discover that our usual swimming spot - the sheltered Hamersley Pool, was also a spectuacular snorkeling spot, complete with resident eagle rays.

My first set of fins have since broken, but I've invested in a much better pair.  I've so far snorkeled at Hamersley Pool, nearby Mettam's Pool and Cottesloe Groyne and all 2 places have been amazin.  This weekend we're heading to Point Peron/Marmion Marine Park, which should be great.

 I'm pretty lucky to live in Perth, where there are plenty of good snorkeling spots nearby, and not too far abroad are places like Busselton Jetty, the Albany wrecks and of course Coral Bay. 

I'm currently snorkeling at least once every weekend, but if a friend is able to come along, I'm out at any opportunity.

Once I have a job/money again I'm sure I'll get into Scuba diving too.  I haven't been so excited about a new hobby in ages.

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