Ghianis D wreck, Egypt. Photo by Stephane Rochon.

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6 years ago
5 years ago
6 years ago

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Fresh diver (1-2 yrs)
Advance Open Water Diver
Once or twice a month
30.5 meters
Open Water La Herradura

Personnal info

La Zubia, Granada
Granada, España
English, Spanish
Scuba, Treckking, Kayac, Mountaining

Dive Sites

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Nb of dive sites: 10


10 dive sites

La Manga

Dive site GPS Atlas Rate Level Max depth DS HS WL  
Bajo de Dentro Great CMAS ** / AOW 40 m 14 4


Dive site GPS Atlas Rate Level Max depth DS HS WL  
Cotobro Poor All divers 8 m 2 1
La Calita Good CMAS * / OW 26 m 3 1
Marina del Este Good All divers 20 m 11 1
Mola Mola Point Good CMAS ** / AOW 26.4 m 7
Piedra del Hombre Great All divers 17 m 9 1
Piedras Altas Good CMAS ** / AOW 31 m 1
Punta de la Mona Good All divers 45 m 7

Costa del Sol

Dive site GPS Atlas Rate Level Max depth DS HS WL  
Cueva del Sifón Great CMAS ** / AOW 20 m 1
La Huerta Great CMAS * / OW 25 m 3


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Dive log counter: 9

  Date Dive site My Rating Max depth Dive time  
Show 22-01-2012 Cotobro 7 m 43 min {TRIP_CELL}
Show 22-01-2012 Cotobro 7 m 31 min {TRIP_CELL}
Show 06-12-2011 Punta de la Mona 26.5 m 40 min {TRIP_CELL}
Show 18-09-2011 La Huerta 20.1 m 52 min {TRIP_CELL}
Show 11-09-2011 Punta de la Mona 24.7 m 42 min {TRIP_CELL}
Show 28-08-2011 La Calita 26.1 m 49 min {TRIP_CELL}
Show 07-08-2011 Punta de la Mona 22.8 m 37 min {TRIP_CELL}
Show 31-07-2011 La Huerta 18.2 m 45 min {TRIP_CELL}
Show 26-06-2011 La Calita 18 m 35 min {TRIP_CELL}


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