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Electric Scallop at Liberty Wreck
(Sunday, 26 November 2017) Written by penyelaman show penyelaman profile
Opportunity to make a dive trip with colleagues came this weekend. After long email communications, finally we have 4 divers for this trip. For me this is an important moment because this is the first time I dive with my own dive equipments - I will tell you on another post. Our dive plan was dive for 2 days at Liberty Wreck, Drop-off, Seraya and Gili Tepekong, but then we decided to make 1 day dive trip to Seraya and Liberty Wreck - although I have made several dives at Liberty wreck but I always excited to make others, I believe that I would find something different and special at this dives and Seraya is my first dive and it has been become a topic of divers discussion as top muck dive destination in the world. Saturday morning Denpasar has rain when I and Marthen left for Tulamben. The distance could not make us bored. I and Marthen are chatting on how we are excited to the dive to day along the way. We arrive at Puri Mada after 2 hours and half drive and meet Rudy and Putri who arrive first. We find the officer and discuss our plan today. We will dive use scuba tank with natural air - some divers use mix air to make longer dive - with G11 underwater camera so we can document our dive and also the exquisite underwater life. After take a team photo we headed Seraya as first dive use ketinting 5 horse power engine. a young cleaner wrasse is doing his job, cleaning mouth of a murray eel It takes only 15 minutes to reach Seraya. The sea was calm with some clouds. We entry from black sandy beach easily with Bagong as our dive guide. We descent slowly to the slope until 23 meter depth where Bagong pointed into something tiny on top of small rock. I kicked my fin rapidly to come closer and firstly in my dive life I meet a Harlequin shrimp (Hymenocera elegans) - an exotic underwater critter which often I seen on Television or marine guide book only. I watched the animal for moment and enjoy its behavior, its looked hungry and it was hunting for prey. This animal can eat a star fish which is much bigger than their body by turn over the prey then bring to their hole and cut the starfish's arm by piece with their sharp "weapon". Close to rock there is garden of white hydroids live on black sandy bottom where a cuttle fish hunts and follow its prey. We swim slowly and gently and swept our eyes to find little critters, there were at least five different beautifull nudibranch, scorpion fish, lion fish and also murray eels.This site also speciall for shrimps. We find bright green Mantis shrimp under the rock and swim out to welcome our visit. Mantis shrimp (Odontodactylus scyallarus) is unique animal especially on its eyes and deathly claws. The other speciall biota we found is Durban dancing shrimp (Rhynchocinetes durbanensis) which colony stay and a rock where a couple murray eel stay for day rest. A pair of whip coral shrimp found at 60 cm green whip coral. Seraya is not paradise for little critters but also has a school of bat fish (Platax sp.) and Barracuda (Sphyraena genie). At 8 meter depth we saw a "space ship" artificial reef made for house of fish and other marine life. This dive was superb and give me new experience and collection of sea animal highlight. Harlequin shrimp!

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Revealing Vital Elements Of Cheap Nfl Jerseys
(Thursday, 24 August 2017) Written by tvenusa show tvenusa profile
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Steelers Jerseys - For That Steelers Fans
(Wednesday, 05 April 2017) Written by baidai66 show baidai66 profile
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Premier Delhi Packers Movers Companies Handles Every Type of Relocation
(Wednesday, 11 January 2017) Written by aets1510 show aets1510 profile
Stress, stress, trauma, tensions etc . - these are the words that spring into your mind when you think of the household new house purchase? Well it is evident that you will find it difficult to go to a new place together with your entire household goods. it's not so that easy as it is apparently you'll have to suffer a great deal during moving and moving and even in case a individual mistake you can make then it can cost you a lot so better to be very certain that you are attentive and prepare to deal with risk. If not, then you must hire packers and movers services to relocate safely and soundly at your new location. Packers and movers make boring and troublesome task of relocation easy and simple relocation. They pack and transport the goods with no damages at the desired location. So you must hire packers and movers for enjoy a safe and hassle free relocation with no stress. The particular packers and movers have their employees who are trained and skilled to handle relocation process like packing, loading, transporting, unloading, unpacking and rearranging the goods and this can be very hectic so that you can do. A moving company is proficient enough to handle any type of relocations such as: Household or home shifting: They pack the family unit goods using the high quality packaging materials and then transportation it at the desired address from appropriate vehicle with no damages. Even if there is dependence on only packing the goods then they do it that also. Office or commercial changing: The goods of office and shops is different and also I huge amount that might be a problem for you to move. Moving companies do office or commercial relocation without the problems and in safe condition too. packers and movers in mumbai International Relocation: If you are moving internationally then you must seek the services of a packer and mover as there are many legal formalities that you need to do while moving abroad. A moving company knows all the standards and rules for shifting in abroad and they can help you for your. This will save your time and money to and will also protect you from being cheated by agents. Car Transportation: they do vehicle transportation without making any damages to it. Actually if there is a need to transport your vehicle only then you can certainly seek the services of packers and movers. They will have the appropriate vehicles to move the vehicle. Stockroom and Storage Facility: you can also keep your goods in their storage place for a week or month they have proper location to keep you goods safely and then you could take back it from them. These are the type of their services you can choose according to your needs. So hire the right professional Packers and Movers Delhi according to your need and luxuriate in a trouble free move with them within your budget.

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Premier Delhi Packers Movers Companies Handles Every Type of Relocation
(Wednesday, 11 January 2017) Written by aets1510 show aets1510 profile
Stress, stress, trauma, tensions etc . - these are the words that spring into your mind when you think of the household new house purchase? Well it is evident that you will find it difficult to go to a new place together with your entire household goods. it's not so that easy as it is apparently you'll have to suffer a great deal during moving and moving and even in case a individual mistake you can make then it can cost you a lot so better to be very certain that you are attentive and prepare to deal with risk. If not, then you must hire packers and movers services to relocate safely and soundly at your new location. Packers and movers make boring and troublesome task of relocation easy and simple relocation. They pack and transport the goods with no damages at the desired location. So you must hire packers and movers for enjoy a safe and hassle free relocation with no stress. The particular packers and movers have their employees who are trained and skilled to handle relocation process like packing, loading, transporting, unloading, unpacking and rearranging the goods and this can be very hectic so that you can do. A moving company is proficient enough to handle any type of relocations such as: Household or home shifting: They pack the family unit goods using the high quality packaging materials and then transportation it at the desired address from appropriate vehicle with no damages. Even if there is dependence on only packing the goods then they do it that also. Office or commercial changing: The goods of office and shops is different and also I huge amount that might be a problem for you to move. Moving companies do office or commercial relocation without the problems and in safe condition too. packers and movers in mumbai International Relocation: If you are moving internationally then you must seek the services of a packer and mover as there are many legal formalities that you need to do while moving abroad. A moving company knows all the standards and rules for shifting in abroad and they can help you for your. This will save your time and money to and will also protect you from being cheated by agents. Car Transportation: they do vehicle transportation without making any damages to it. Actually if there is a need to transport your vehicle only then you can certainly seek the services of packers and movers. They will have the appropriate vehicles to move the vehicle. Stockroom and Storage Facility: you can also keep your goods in their storage place for a week or month they have proper location to keep you goods safely and then you could take back it from them. These are the type of their services you can choose according to your needs. So hire the right professional Packers and Movers Delhi according to your need and luxuriate in a trouble free move with them within your budget.

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Top 5 Incredible Relocating Tips
(Wednesday, 11 January 2017) Written by aets1510 show aets1510 profile
Shifting can be fun but the only requirement of it is to be prepared and a good planning. It is a good organization that will help you to solve the difficulties with regards to shifting your what you should a new destination. However you can also hire packers and movers for the task, but the ultimate responsibility towards the safety of your goods will be your own only. If shifting is a problem for you, then it will no more be. We are telling you five wonderful shifting hacks that will help you in solving the problems related with the work. These awesome tips will definitely aid you in moving positive and constructive towards safe moving of your things at the next destination. Begin Early: This is the golden rule for success. If you want to take action perfectly, start early. Exactly the same concept is executed during shifting as well. You would be surprised how many things are not essential to your everyday life that you can pack beforehand to reduce the stress of moving. packers and movers in mumbai packers and movers in pune Manage Boxes: What you need to do when you have started the task beforehand? Properly, organize boxes properly. Keeping organized is a fairly easy way to avoid stresses on moving day. Try arranging your boxes by rooms. Use color-coded stickers, or you just write on the boxes to keep them organized. A research guide of all containers in the move could help. Pack First Day Container: Set aside all of your essential items, like clothes, toiletries, and medications to be packed together for easy access on your first day. The first evening box is very essential so that you can start the day comfortable there. If you're hiring movers, make sure you package or set aside items you do not want the team to pack on the packing day as well. Use Original Box: If you have the box one of your items came in - why not use it? After all, it should be a perfect fit. Maintain your old boxes around and save yourself some money and some hassle. This is the best favor that you can do while moving electronic items. Be Patient: This is required on your part to be patient when helping your things at the next door. Show your patience because your worries and hurries can effect to unwanted losses. These are the five wonderful moving hacks that you must follow in order to get everything safe and secure to the next destination. If there are packers and movers to manage your move, ensure you check out these things to be extra positive. You can find more information about helpful moving articles at Packers and Movers Bangalore. Articles filled with helpful tips and information on relocation will help you easily simplify the process of moving significantly. packers and movers in bangalore

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Assignment Help
(Wednesday, 04 January 2017) Written by assignmenthelp show assignmenthelp profile
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(Friday, 02 September 2016) Written by laverneplab show laverneplab profile
Bad news... Approx30% of my pictures from the Philippines are overexposed :( I made some tests in a pool before my departure and I increase of one stop my diagraphm. This was quite fine for wide angle pictures but not for macro, of course... So most of super-macro pictures are really overexposed. Hopefully, I still have some good shots. Soon on my picture gallery on Wannadive and into the atlas. SOON

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So You Wanna Find A Great White Shark?
(Saturday, 09 January 2016) Written by aarongibson show aarongibson profile
Due to their relatively small population size, their inability to (thus far) be kept in long-term captivity, and their occasional reclusiveness with researchers, marine biologists often wish they had more information about the great white shark. The knowledge as to their locations and movements worldwide come from a few sources: sharks observed first hand by researchers and laymen alike, tracking tagged sharks by satellite, areas where fishermen have caught them, and keeping track of the locations of attacks on humans by these sharks. Although they are found throughout most temperate coastal waters, there are a handful of areas in the world where they are found in greater numbers. This is most likely due to the high concentrations of their preferred food sources (marine mammals such as seals, sea lions, whales and whale carcasses, dolphins) in these locations. White sharks are solitary creatures, they don't swim in schools or pairs, and are only seen in any sort of quantity together when a large source of food is present (such as a dead whale, or a chum stream). Great whites are found on both coasts of North America, and while over the years there has been several caught in New Jersey/New York waters, they are much more concentrated in the west. The abundance of pinnipeds in central Californian waters and the ideal water temperature make this area a great white shark paradise. It is also a human paradise - waters filled with seals and white sharks are also enjoyed year-round by surfers and swimmers - and there are inevitably interactions. Leading shark researcher, Dr. John McCosker wrote, "Most people do not spend their lives searching for giant sharks. On the other hand, giant sharks DO spend their lives looking for things to eat, and occasionally they encounter a swimmer or diver." Though still statistically very rare, the central California coast is known as the "Shark Attack Capital of the World," with the highest number of recorded white shark attacks on humans. Most likely due to the large number of fur seals and a history of whaling in the area, the waters off the South African coast have one of the world's most heavily concentrated great white populations. This area is known for its "breaching sharks." Whites here have been seen leaping clear out of the water when attacking their prey - the subject of many fascinating photographs and a few wildlife documentaries. The southern Australian coast, as well as halfway up their eastern and western continental waters are major great white locations. Australia has been the most popular location for great white sport fishing over the years. Many of the largest recorded "White Pointer" (the local name for these sharks) have been caught here. Southern Australia is also second only to California for the highest number of attacks on humans by great whites. Other coastal waters where these sharks have been regularly spotted include: New Zealand, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, the Mediterranean Sea, the Azores, the Gulf of Mexico, and Isla Guadalupe. Isla

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Diving Sites in India That Will Blow Your Mind
(Monday, 29 September 2014) Written by MichelMason show MichelMason profile
(Image credit: A professional scuba diver in the waters off the Lakshadweep Islands India has a 7,500-km long coastline, most of which is unexplored. The Indian peninsula is flanked on the east by Arabian Sea, on the west by the Bay of Bengal, and towards the south by the Indian Ocean. One can see the immense scope for spectacular scuba diving sites here. However, given the length of this coastline, India has relatively few fully developed scuba diving sites, let alone those that would make for a great diving experience. But that which it lacks in numbers, it makes up for in quality. We are bringing to you three diving sites in India that would make for a great and unforgettable diving experience. These are quite popular in the scuba diving circles. However, if you are new to this space, an exciting journey of discovering new lands and waters awaits you. Netrani Island Alsoknown as Pigeon Island, Netrani is a beautiful coral island off the coast of the southern state of Karnataka. This little known island is a hub of snorkeling and scuba divingactivities. It boasts of having the clearest waters in India which gives divers a surreal experience. The island, cut off from the mainland, is secluded and hence in pristine condition. Signing up with any of the local scuba diving operators would be a great way of experiencing the waters aroundthe island for those who are slightly low on confidence of plumbing the depths of the sea on theirown. If you are on an extended trip to India, touching base in Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka, is a good idea. There is a lot of sightseeing you can do in this capital city as well as aroundit. Bangalore has great resorts and hotels fitting all budgets, and a number of activities to do. After having your fill of this mainland you can head to Netrani for your diving. There is a train to Bhatkal from Bangalore every two hours, from where Netrani is a short boat ride away. Netrani is also accessible from Mangalore, Goa, and Mumbai. Lakshadweep Islands More than 200km off the southern western coast of India is the archipelago of Lakshadweep . A string of 32 stunningly beautiful islands, with sun-drenched white sands and glittering green waters, thisis also a great attraction for scuba diving and snorkeling enthusiasts in the country. This popularity has led to the establishment of scuba diving facilities and world-class accommodation options for tourists. Thearchipelago is cut off from the mainland with some of its islands even today restricted from tourism. This does not feel like India because of the low number of people and the seclusion of this place in general. It is operated as a Union Territory by the state of India, which means it has its ownadministration. But this seclusion is also the reason why these islands are so beautiful and a magnet for scuba divers from all over the world. The waters are clear, the biodiversity mesmerizing, and the facilities top-notch. Though Lakshadweep is out of most people’s way, reaching here is not difficult. It does, however,require you to get to the southern tip of India. Kochi (formerly Cochin), in the southernmost state of Kerala offers regular flights to Lakshadweep (Agatti island, to be specific), which take about an hour and a half to reach their destination. Kochi is well connected with other cities of India as well. One can also travel to the islands by water. Ships operating from Kochi take 18-20 hours to reachthere. Andaman & Nicobar Islands Another of lesser known tourist attractions in India, the Andaman and Nicobar islands score highly in the minds of scuba divers for the same reasons as Lakshadweep. For one, the landscape is so beautiful you have to see it to believe it. It’s a huge tropical rainforest with very rich flora and fauna, including in the surrounding waters. It is again cut off from mainland India, and has a very low population. For another, its unspoiled waters and vast expanses of beaches have made it ideal for water sports. Scuba diving, snorkeling, trekking, game fishing, sailing, para-sailing, windsurfing, you will find a number of adventure sports here to give you the adrenalin rush you crave. However, “ scuba diving is the biggest activity on the Andaman & Nicobar Islands other than lying around and eating seafood.” The region has a pretty long and impressive history of its own, though often dark in recent times. Those with an interest in things past should plan a longer stay here and explore its many tourist attractions for a well-rounded vacation. The islands are fairly easy to reach. There are daily flights to the capital Port Blair from Delhi, Chennai, and Kolkata. One can also reach these islands by sea, though this would make for a very long journey, typically taking over 2 to 3 days. Ships operate from Kolkata, Vizag, and Chennai three to four times a month. Conclusion These are the most popular diving sites off the coast of India. A quick Google search will give you all the information you need on them. However, if you have any questions or want to share your own experiences in any ofthese sites, do leave a comment and let usknow!

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How to have an awesome scuba-diving vacation in Caribbean Islands?
(Monday, 16 December 2013) Written by LissaWilliams show LissaWilliams profile
Scuba-diving is one of the reasons why Caribbean Islands are so popular among the tourists. Turquoise seas, white sandy beaches, shallow waters, and mesmerizing breeze are just the right things you would require for a vacation in the Caribbean. If you are planning a scuba-diving vacation somewhere in these islands, here are some things you should do. Shore dives are a great option You don’t have to break your bank to go on a scuba-diving vacation. If you really want to do lots of diving, consider shore diving. For a week, it will cost you tanks, gear and a rental car. Some of the destinations that offer the best shore dives include Hawaii and Cayman Islands. Consider Condos or the live-aboard option If you really want to save money, go for condos instead of hotels and resorts. You can easily find affordable & spacious condos or houses near scuba-diving spots. Check sites like or to find Antigua House Rentals , if that’s where you are going. Similarly, you can check live-aboard companies to find the best deals. All you have to do is pay one price for unlimited scuba-diving, meals and accommodation. If you are lucky enough, you might even score a last-minute discount. Don’t neglect safety When it comes to scuba-diving, never ignore safety . Have a check-list of the gear you have to carry with you. Also, inspecting the dive gear is equally important. Other things you need to take care of include – Carry prescription masks Check the personal gear such as fins, regulator setup, emergency whistle, empty weight belt, buoyancy compensator device (BCD) etc. Have a save-a-dive kit, dry bag, dive lights etc. Motion sickness medicines or crystallized ginger must be carried without fail. If you have an ear-problem, let the dive instructor know about it. Those having sinus problems or head cold, must take non-drowsy OTC medicines. Besides considering the above mentioned points, it is equally important to select the best time of the year to plan your scuba-diving vacation as the Caribbean Islands are prone to hurricanes. Also, if you want to save money on flights, consider choosing budget airlines. Use online resources to search for package deals to save on your pocket. Lastly, make sure you have important documents such as passport copies, credit cards, itineraries in place to avoid any hassles.

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Sailing as a Career: Feasible and Rewarding?
(Thursday, 08 August 2013) Written by johnlewis show johnlewis profile
Going further back than Ulysses, sailing has always had a glamour associated to it. Salty wind blowing your hair ; crisp white uniforms; beautiful ladies; enticing promises about what lies ahead; copious amounts of drinking and swearing; and sowing wild oats in every shore. What is the reality of it though? Rather prosaic, as realities usually tend to be. Sailing is a very competitive field to break into, and if you have missed out on handsome contracts with top racing crews, you may have humble beginnings, which isn’t unlike most other professions. If, however, you love the idea of being on water under the open skies, and seeing a new place every few months (or weeks), sailing might just be up your alley. Join a commercial cruise liner Being a part of a charter boat crew or that of a commercial cruise liner is the most common way of joining the world of sailing. It’s particularly popular among young men. It’s like a paid vacation where you meet many new people, see places you never would otherwise, learn about new cultures and new cuisines, etc. It remains one of the best ways to explore the world when you are young and relatively free of responsibility. The money isn’t great in the beginning, but the travel and the knowledge of the world gained from sailing puts you way ahead of your peers in terms of life experience. The money gets better with time and improved professionalism. Join the navy For the more serious minded, or patriotically inclined, the Royal Navy is also an option though much harder to get into than joining the crew of a cruise liner. You need to be tough as nails for this one but your hard work will be rewarded with excellent perks and payoffs. Become a marine engineer Marine engineers drive industrial vehicles full of unromantic things like drill machines and miscellaneous equipment for exploration. They dock at certain ports (depending on the duration of exploration at a site) for long months where they mostly supervise work from inside the ship. They live on the ship for the most part and do not see too much of the outside world. They, however, still end up seeing a lot more of it than what an average person would see during their lifetime. Marine engineering will allow you to combine your love for technology with your love of water. It will satiate your wanderlust as well as your materialistic streak as marine engineers are typically paid very well. Race with the top dogs This is a hardcore sailor’s ultimate dream -- racing and winning trophies. It does not happen overnight though; in fact, it never happens for most sailors. It involves spending a lot of money in the beginning with poor returns. Once you get yourself noticed due to your racing abilities though, and join a top racing crew, you can expect good cash to come your way. Become an instructor For those who don’t want to spend long months away from their families, becoming a boating or a sailing instructor is an excellent way to keep their passion for sailing alive and make money. The above are a few ways in which you can combine your love for sailing with a good living. Look up sailing courses in the UK to see if they can help you embark on a water-related career. Do proper research, and follow the siren of your heart.

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Discovering Top Travel Deals Online - A Complete Guide
(Monday, 05 August 2013) Written by MichelMason show MichelMason profile
Going on a vacation abroad is exciting but when it comes to scoring those travel deals, the entire process becomes both challenging and frustrating at times. You need to be a bit adept at finding travel deals online. With a plethora of options available on the web, it’s common for people to get baffled. So, here’s your ultimate guide to find some amazing travel deals on the internet. Use websites Today there is no dearth of websites which offer comprehensive information about flights, hotels, vacation packages and much more. Check out these websites to save money. For instance, you can use FlightNetwork for searching and booking flight tickets. Other websites such as and are equally helpful. Most of the websites offer a Price Drop Protection feature using which you can get a refund on already bought flight tickets. You can also sign up for alerts to get complete information on best deals in your inbox. If you want to save money on booking hotels, go for these sites- • • • Get the timing right Finding the right deal is also a matter of time. A slight wrong timing might hurt your pocket considerably. For instance, when booking flight tickets, understand which day and what time will get you the best deal. Days and timings keep changing from time to time. For instance, weekends might be the best days to get cheap flight tickets. Furthermore, travel during off-peak season to avoid those exorbitant rates. In peak seasons, flight and hotel booking, generally, gets expensive. Social media is equally helpful With the rise of social media in today’s digital age, sites such as Twitter and Facebook are increasingly becoming popular to find the best travel deals. Check out some of the airline tweets to know what’s best for you. It’s definitely worth it. Other social media sites worth trying include • FlyerTalk • Tripbirds • Gogobot • Airbnb Try a rented accommodation instead of a hotel One of the ways you can cut down the travel cost is to stay in a rented apartment rather than a luxury hotel. As mentioned above, websites such as Airbnb allow you to find and book rented accommodation in over 190 countries., and are great alternatives. A hotel room might cost you at least $ 150 a night whereas your entire family can stay in a rented apartment for as low as $ 89. Keep yourself informed Keep watching the news to find out destinations that will get you the best travel deal of your life. Sounds, a bit weird? Well, there are places which happen to be in news for wrong reasons. For instance, there might be an uprising in Egypt or a disease outbreak in Asia. Traveling to these destinations might not be that bad an idea because there are places here which are relatively safer. Planning a vacation trip to such destinations will get you hefty discounts as people there tend to depend on tourism for many reasons. Take benefit of senior discounts Take advantage of your age to save money. For instance, there are cruise lines which offer hefty discounts for people who are 55 or older. Similarly, hotels too offer senior discounts for travelers who are 62 or older. Consider this. Amtrak offers as much as 15% discount on train and bus tickets to people aged 62 or older. River Cruise might be an option Planning a trip to Europe this summer? Well, you can go for a river cruise to save lots of money. Most of the European cities are based along waterways. So, traveling by a river cruise makes more sense. If you are independent and looking out for some great travel deals for a European vacation, consider a cruise. You can get deals for approximately $2,500 for a nine-day cruise. Most importantly, you need not sacrifice comfort to save money. A cruise will take care of all your needs. Beware of scams The web is full of illegitimate websites that promise to offer great deals. If you are dubious, don’t go for such sites. The most prominent sign of such sites is that they offer too good travel deals that are hard to come by. Go for sites that are reputed and known to people. Well, finding those jaw-dropping travel deals is not that difficult. It is important to remember that a variety of factors come into play when you are on the look-out for such deals. The travel market, airline industry and economy play a crucial role. All you need to do is hone your web-searching skills, have a little patience and get the timing right, as said earlier. Implement these tips and you are sure to earn an amazing travel deal for yourself this vacation.

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Palau, Diving Adventure
(Saturday, 22 June 2013) Written by ellen.gords show ellen.gords profile
As a Diver, every site is always have an excitement . Under water world always bring happiness that you cannot explain. I am a beginners in this world but it was my Dream since am young to explore the water world . When my time of diving, Its full Joy and Happiness. Through this scuba diving you can meet a lot of friends, in different countries. I am happy to be a part of this so cold Underwater World! For those who wants to have an experience of Palau , Best Diving site like Blue corner, Jelly fish lake and other , You can comments this entry and i will assist you and help you to come over here in Paradise Island. We enjoy Palau Diving site!!!

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Summer is Coming
(Sunday, 30 September 2012) Written by Gemfyre show Gemfyre profile
The weather is starting to warm again. Forecast is for 34 degrees today and I'm going with a friend to a dive shop to get her kitted out then investigating North Cottesloe reef. The snorkel season has begun!

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Koh Tao Pool Villas
(Saturday, 15 September 2012) Written by RhondaCira show RhondaCira profile
Koh Tao Island, also known as Turtle Island is situated approximately 45 km from Koh Phangan. It is called Turtle Island because it used to be a breeding site for the sea turtles many years ago.Koh Tao is one of the best islands Thailand to visit. It includes some popular diving spots like Shark Island, Green Rock, Hin Pee Wee, and Ao Leuk.

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Maldives 2012 census sharks - censimento squali 2012 alle Maldive
(Friday, 10 February 2012) Written by divingnow show divingnow profile
Dear Diver & no Diver - cari subacquei e non subacquei seen and considered, that the Republic of Maldives to finally banned import & export of shark fins, and a ban on fishing. I started to encode the various sightings of sharks, type, quantity ', date, depth,' dive site. and more ... In this way, I can see the increase and the best time for sightings. Please send me All document as possible, so 'that we have a record year-end sharks of the Maldives. thanks Visto e considerato, che la repubblica Maldiviana a vietato finalmente l 'import & l'export di pinne di squalo, e il divieto di pesca. ho iniziato a registare i vari avvistamenti di squalo, tipo , quantita', data , profondita' , sito immersione. e altro... In tal modo, posso vedere l'incremento e il periodo migliore per l'avvistamento . inviatemi tutti i documenti possibili, cosi' che a fine anno possiamo avere un registro squali delle madive. grazie . PS . I remind you that gray reef shark (Carcharhinus Amblyrhynchos) to Maldives resembles the black-tailed reef shark (Carcharhinus wheeleri) that will describe: white tip on the dorsal fin, black tips on the pectoral fins, and the outer edge of the tail black, but not the second dorsal fin near the caudal peduncle. PS .vi ricordo che, lo squalo grigio da scogliera ( Carcharhinus Amblyrhynchos) alle maldive assomiglia allo squalo da scogliera dalla coda nera( Carcharhinus wheeleri). punta bianca sulla pinna dorsale, punte nere sulle pinne pettorali, e il bordo esterno della coda nero ma non ha la seconda dorsale vicino al peduncolo caudale. Marco Cucini MSDT PADI - MALDIVES DiveOceanus Fun Island - This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it - This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it -

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Dive the Coast
(Monday, 05 December 2011) Written by hardcorediveteambrian show hardcorediveteambrian profile
Dive the Coast 2013 is a mass relay dive covering the California Coastline. for more info. As Los Angeles Organizer, a scheduled distance dive is planned for spring 2012, to cover the entire Palos Verdes peninsula in 2 days of diving. Contact brian@hardcorediveteam for that. In June 2012 a Monterey Bay dive of 49 miles of coastline is gonna be dived in 2 days! The maps, logistics have been created. Los Angeles County has selected California Ships to Reefs non profit org to receive funds raised for good to be headlines soon. The entire DivetheCoast is geared towards networking with divers across the state to dive their favorite sites in the counties they live in. And raising awareness to the beautiful Ocean environments we as divers get to share! Very few counties are still without Organizers. Orange is one. Already international support has been gained in this unique project.

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Diving Anda
(Saturday, 01 October 2011) Written by Club Vera show Club Vera profile
We are just returned from a little known corner of Bohol called Anda. This destination has for years been a well kept secret and diving has only just starting to appear there. We were among some of the lucky few to experience diving its pristine waters as mass tourism will surly soon discover this hidden gem. Perhaps its lack of exposure lies in the fact it’s in close proximity to world famous Balicasag. But for those who take the time to look beyond the obvious Anda has a charm and character all of its own. Viewed from afar Anda seems a separate island, jutting out as it does from Bohol proper as a distinctive rock framed by blue sky and turquoise sea. It’s within this sea that its uniqueness continues with the diving different from other parts of the Visayas. The visibility can be quite stunning. Looking down the reef wall seemed endless as it seamlessly shifted through the full range of blues until it reached an icy black. This drop-off hugs the coastline of Anda so choosing a place to dive is easy – it’s almost impossible not to find a great dive site and you can virtually be guaranteed of being the only one’s there. We were treated to large schools of Emperor Snapper, Sweetlips, a large Wahoo, thousands of Fusiliers and even a brief encounter with a shark on our last dive. Conservation efforts are clearly working here . We hired the services of a local dive guide who showed just how far you can push the concept, ‘the customer is always right’. While Phil was diving on nitrox he was breathing air. Phil pushed his NDL so the guide must have gone into deco. He stayed with Phil for the duration of the dive and surfaced with him before politely announcing he would, ‘pop back down for a bit’. Dedication or stupidity? For a two night safari Anda more than lived up to the rumors we’d been hearing. The resort we stayed at was fantastic and there are several other good looking hotels to choose from. White Beach Resort Anda The next time we visit (and hopefully this wont be too long) we will combine it with a days diving at Balicasag, staying overnight on Alona beach making it a three day safari in total. I believe this will soon become one of our most popular trips away…

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The Love Boat
(Friday, 30 September 2011) Written by Club Vera show Club Vera profile
When spending three days on safari there are several factors which make for a successful trip: good food, great diving, and forming new friendships. As the old adage goes, “Two out of three ain’t bad”. For this trip Phil decided to go up-market and spoil Lhera with 5star accommodation so we sailed up the coast of Cebu to Alegre Resort & Spa: on the way diving Tulang, Camotes Islands. The first day of diving was great and although a tropical depression was passing through this only caused a short delay, a bumpy crossing, and a little consternation from the ladies onboard . Once checked in to the resort everyone was of the same opinion; namely that this was one of the best in the Philippines. Luxurious cottage style accommodation, a bathroom you could fit a swimming pool inside and clear views of the surrounding islands from the Cliffside restaurant. Peter M was so impressed with the breakfast he ate two:) Stunning views from your personal bungalow On the second morning we set off with two new friends onboard – Michael and Lizel. Our destination was the little known island of Capitancillo; so named after said captain ran his boat into the reef. In 1905 a lighthouse was erected to prevent this happening again and still stands today amid ruins probably sustained destroyed during WWII. The diving here was excellent- indeed some of the best we’ve found in the Visayas. The beginning of the reef around the island lies at 5-10m before a stunning drop-off down to 50m. The crystal clear waters perfectly sets off the contrast between the deep blue of the ocean and the myriad colours of the coral reef. Due to popular demand (and Peter M’s clear delight) we took a night dive on Alegre Balay Reef. Once again Phil missed out on the opportunity to witness first hand mother natures majesty with a stunning display of Flashlight Fish swarming in their thousands! Four dives in a day is enough to make anyone thirsty, so that night at dinner the beer and wine flowed as freely as the subtle debate on recreational diving versus technical diving. This ‘debate’ was carried on rather more robustly the next morning inside a cave at 30m and again back on the boat during the surface interval. Life would be boring if we were all the same:)

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The Big Blue
(Thursday, 29 September 2011) Written by Club Vera show Club Vera profile
Lets look through the square window... First hurdle of the day – boarding the boat . Low tide turned the gangplank into a ladder, but once safely onboard both new friends and old were treated to a warm welcome under a perfect Visayan sun. A special welcome was reserved for Jesus, aka Nico. Breaking news.... Jesus is alive, but alas fallen on hard times. We also had onboard for the first time the lovely Marjorie (Mark’s mouse/wife), Me Julie (the pretty half of the David pair), David himself (saved at the last by another beer). And making a welcome return Lisle (crash test dummy and accomplished diver), Mike (where’s my knife) Puz, Mark (our videographer for the day) and Terry (aka John Lennon). Our destination – not yet determined. This trip marked the first time we carried charts with onboard GPS and sonar capability (plus an ex navy pilot to show Peter the on button). So armed we set off in search of new and unexplored reefs and rumors of a possible cave network… Looks like something tickled Lhera's 'fancy' After a few circles and a three point turn we dropped anchor on the edge of a wall which the sonar suggested fell away to a 100+ meters! Sure enough as we descended down to 30+ metres the bottom continued into darkness. During the dive we saw tantalizing evidence of a possible cave just below our agreed maximum depth. We noted the GPS and determined we would return with torches and correct blend of Nitrox. Always nice when Marla brings back her divers:) Lunch of freshly caught steamed fish, Humba and Tinola soup went down well as we smiled through the storm that was developing around us. The area we were diving is a submerged reef far from land. So then the weather hit we really got the sense of being out here alone. We are proud of the fact we dive where commercial operations don’t go. As a club dedicated to exploration and conservation we will continue to expand our goals and seek out new dive sites and ways to preserve the marine environment we all love to dive. Clearly Pete enjoyed his dive. During a previous safari along the northern coast of Cebu, taking in Capitancillo Island and Ormoc Shoal Peter chanced upon a little bit of dive bootie. In only 5m depth lying on the reef top waiting for him was a brand new $80 Halcion dive knife. Already owning a knife he decided to try and sell it to one of the divers we had onboard today. Imagine everyone’s surprise when one of our members claimed it as their own! Lost on a previous Club Vera safari the careless diver failed to secure his gear correctly. Given what transpired later during that dive the absence of a knife was probably a blessing in disguise; but that’s another story… Michael sees the light. One final mention must go to our new gorgeous Mermaid, Ofelia. I think I can speak for all (the men) she did a wonderful job keeping bellies full and eyes rested:) Our two gorgeous Mermaids.

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wetsuit waterproof
(Thursday, 28 July 2011) Written by submerged show submerged profile
Wat is the best wetsuit from waterproof? The W1 or the W2

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hostgator vps coupon
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Free online hostgator vps coupon offering discount coupon codes, vouchers for dedicated servers, vps hosting, reseller hosting and unlimited shared web hosting with including hostgator coupon for free first month, 20% off and $25 discount.

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wordpress hosting requirements
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Good hosting for wordpress gives you the latest word press tools,themes and plugins so that your wordpress hosting requirements blog is easy to configure and install in just one-click

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Blog test
(Monday, 06 December 2010) Written by chris show chris profile
Just a test

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Marine Spatial Planning
(Tuesday, 14 September 2010) Written by sfobiologo show sfobiologo profile
Last week the California and World Ocean (CWO) Conference convened in San Francisco. The first meeting of this conference occurred in 1964 and has been a biannual event for the past decade or so, with the exception that in 2008 it was suspended due to state budget constraints. The conferences have a global vision and a regional focus. I attended my first CWO in 2006. At this year’s conference, I found myself looking for connections to my bucket list blog. There were some obvious ones—like the Phoenix Islands Protected Area, and less obvious like ocean zoning. One of the emerging trends in ocean conservation is the concept of marine spatial planning (MSP). On the broadest level, this is a way of zoning the ocean for activities to maximize benefits across a range of users, purposes and goals. At the level of individual actions, it is potentially a divisive form of governance. California’s efforts to create a network of Marine Protected Areas in state waters was attacked and criticized by commercial and recreational fishermen as well as other groups strongly dependent upon access to fishing grounds or other ocean resources. However, an adaptable stakeholder participation process and good science based decision making has taken the edge off that original anger and resentment. MSP occurs whenever a part of the ocean is delineated formally or informally for specific purposes. The idea of zoning the ocean emerged in the age of exploration with the concepts of high seas and territorial seas being formally defined. And it has been common practice to restrict shipping traffic to specific lanes and routes. Other examples familiar to boaters are no-anchor zones and no-wake zones that serve to regulate activities that may conflict with other uses. Surfers are using MSP informally when a coveted break is defended as locals-only. Of interest to divers, marine parks, marine reserves and marine sanctuaries are examples of MSP. In the Dry Tortugas, MSP has been used to govern a wide variety of activities and the people or organizations that engage in them. The development of MSP in the Tortugas makes these waters a bellwether for future ocean conservation. I won’t go into details, but there is a hierarchy of protections in the Dry Tortugas. For MSP, the most encompassing level of zoning is the extent of the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. Within the FKNMS waters, there are areas managed for specific purposes and with specific rules and restrictions, including water quality management areas, special use areas, ecological reserves, wildlife management zones and no-access zones. In addition, there are the jurisdictions of the Department of the Interior with the Dry Tortugas National Park and several National Wildlife Reserves. A map of all these areas seems redundant and somewhat bewildering. It is difficult to see the purpose in all this, but it is a unique approach to managing natural resources well suited to the ocean. Every place in the Keys depends upon and influences the health of adjacent and far flung resources. The currents running through the Keys connect local reefs and wildlife to the Gulf and the wider Caribbean. These currents carry nutrients, pollutants, fish and invertebrate larvae and migratory species. Managing such a large area with a one-rule fits all approach would ignore the connectivity that exists within the Keys and between the Keys and distant reefs in Cozumel, Cuba and Nicaragua. And with connectivity I am back to my Bucket List, because, in part, my list is driven by my desire to see areas of high diversity. Lying in the Florida Current, the Dry Tortugas are awash in waters carrying a range of marine life from all over the entire Caribbean Sea and Gulf.

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Come diving with us in Hoi An!
(Sunday, 05 September 2010) Written by RainbowDiversHoiAn show RainbowDiversHoiAn profile
Rainbow Divers in Hoi Anis a friendly and helpful dive shop offering both scuba diving and snorkeling trips to the nearby Cham Islands.Rossand his team can provide assistance withaccommodationwithinHoi An as well as offeringgeneraladvice on travel and the local area. The day will start with collection by the Rainbow Divers bus from your hotel to the dive boat. It takes around one and a quarter hours to reach the dive sites. The dive sites offer a variety of marine life including hard and soft corals, tropical fish and pelagic fish. There is currently a wreck that is accessible, though ongoing salvage operations may soon remove what remains of the ship. On the way back from diving the boat stops at one of the islands for lunch and siesta on the beach, or if you prefer there are hammocks and deck chairs where you can quietly snooze and digest lunch. Rainbow divers offers training for PADI qualifications which are run by professionally qualified instructors, or if you just want to take a fun dive or snorkelthereare experienced staff on hand to guide even the most inexperienced to a safe and interesting experience. The sites used are generally sheltered and suitable for all ages. Buoyancy aids are available for thosesnorkelerswho are not proficient swimmers Check out Rainbow Divers Hoi anat Or email This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

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My Dive Bucket List
(Sunday, 29 August 2010) Written by sfobiologo show sfobiologo profile
Because the number of diving days in my life will be less than the remaining number of days in my life, I am starting to dive my dive bucket list. These are the reefs and waters that in some way inspired me to become a diver and which I feel I must see before I blow that last bubble. Dry Tortugas Some of the first stories I read about diving were in a saltwater aquarium manual. The author, Robert P.L. Straughan , pioneered a marine aquarium system that the home hobbyist could assemble and maintain with a high degree of success. He was also a fish collector and dove throughout the Florida Keys capturing specimens. His accounts of diving were the only ones I had read besides those of Cousteau. I remember that his stories showed a simple conservationist philosophy and that he was a good observer of reef ecology. The Keys have changed a lot since his day, but his writing inspired me to dive there someday. The Dry Tortugas are a group of seven small, sand islands at the western end of the Florida Keys. They lie in the strait that connects the Gulf of Mexico to the greater Caribbean. They are remote and this has provided some degree of protection from human use and abuse. It seems the biggest threat to these waters and the reefs are shipping traffic. This traffic tends to bring with it trash, sewage and other discharges--including diesel and oil-- from passing ships. Also, quiet a few ships have gone aground on the reefs and shallows. A number of wrecks lie in the waters of this strait. The waters of the Dry Tortugas have been protected and managed to some extent over the years. The Dry Tortugas National Park, the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary and a recently established reserve have limited some of the effects from recreational uses and abuses. These protections help secure the cultural and biological resources of the Dry Tortugas. I don’t believe I am going to see pristine reefs, but I think that if I want to see the reefs of the Keys, this is the place to go. I’ve booked a live-aboard that will sail out of Key West in late October, 2010. For three days, I expect to dive five times a day, including night dives. I’m hoping there won’t be any late season hurricanes tracking through the area, but I’ll get travel insurance just in case. I have a few other preparations to make and since I consider preparation the most important part of a dive, I’ll be writing about that in the context of this, my first Bucket List item.

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(Thursday, 12 August 2010) Written by Smithy show Smithy profile
What a great site!! I discovered it through looking to see what was going on at my local dive centre in Cartagena, Spain. The water's pretty warm here right now (26-ish) and it's mainly calm although it gets whipped up a bit from time to time. It's great having a marine reserve right on my doorstep, I don't think I've seen better marine life anywhere else in the Med. Happy Days Smithy

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Kayak Diving, Long Island NY
(Saturday, 24 July 2010) Written by keller2456 show keller2456 profile
I have found kayak diving can get me to a lot of beach sites on Long Island that can not be reached by land. I will be adding kayak launch sites to this blog and listing locations within a 5 mile paddle from that site. If you know of any places to put in a kayak on Long I sland please let me know and I will add them to the list. All GPS numbers are approximate. Some of these locations I have not been back to in years and it may no longer be legal to park or enter the water at some of these sites. In the case of the town beaches and ramps it is usually possible to get a nonresident day pass to use that location. Huntington Harbor, West Shore Rd, N40 53 42 W073 25 30. From here you can reach all of Northport Bay, Huntington Bay out to the tip of Eatons Neck and about 3/4 of the north facing shore of Lloyds Neck. Lloyds Neck was a great place for lobster before the die off almost 10 years ago. Target Rock is at the north east side of Lloyd Neck and I have found artifacts there dating back to the late 1700s. The tip of Eatons Neck was good for lobster too as well as spear fishing. Cold Spring Harbor, Harbor Rd, N40 52 02 W073 27 44. From here you can reach all of Cold Spring Harbor out to the north tip of Center Island and about 3/4 of the way up the west side of Lloyds Neck. You can also reach the lower part of Oyster Bay. The tip of Center Island was good for lobster. Centerport Harbor, Coolidge Dr, N40 53 34 W073 22 28. From here you can reach all of Centerport Harbor and Northport Bay. You need to time this right though as at low tide you would be crossing a mud flat. Northport Harbor, Scudder Beach off Woodbine Ave, N40 53 36 W073 21 25. From here you can reach all of Northport Harbor and Bay. Ramp at LIPA power station, off Eatons Neck Rd, N40 55 25 W073 20 47. From here you can reach west to the tip of Eatons Neck and east as far as Sunken Meadow State Park. The west side of this site is good for spear fishing and lobster once you get into the rocky areas starting about half way from the ramp to the point of Eatons Neck. I have not done much diving on the east side of this site and can not tell you much about it. Nissequoge River, Old Dock Rd, N40 54 18 W073 13 53. This is a Smithtown ramp so you will need a day pass to use this site. From here you can go west as far as Crab Meadow Beach and east as far as the mouth of Stony Brook Harbor in the Long Island Sound. You can also go up the river as far as Rt. 25 in Smithtown though I do not know of any good places to dive in the river itself it does make a good kayak day trip. I will be adding more later but what is here so far covers the shore line from the tip of Center Island in the west to the mouth of Stony Brook Harbor in the east and all the bays and harbors that lie between.

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Portugal - FARO
(Wednesday, 21 July 2010) Written by Deanspe show Deanspe profile
Hi fellowdivers, The second week of August I'm heading to FARO for a nice short Holiday. During my stay, 1 or 2 days I want to schedule a divetrip nearby. If you have dive experience in this area, please post me with your recommendations!! In advance, you have already my gratitud!!

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(Thursday, 08 July 2010) Written by patrice show patrice profile

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(Wednesday, 02 June 2010) Written by patrice show patrice profile
BONJOUR nous avons plongee aNicedurant 8 jours du 21/05/2010 au 29/05/2010 au ( centre international plongee de nice ) tenue marcLeclerc. et nous avons decouvert de magnifique tombants ( entre 15 et 40 metres )de nice a villefranche sur mer . le bateau le rene madeleine peux acceuillir 38 plongeurs maxi, nous ont etait au maxi 6 . vous pouvez regarder mes photos pour voir les sites patrice

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My Dive History
(Friday, 28 May 2010) Written by keller2456 show keller2456 profile
I have been a diver since 1970 when my cousin and I bought a tank and regulator along with a book on how to use them. I did most of my diving at that time in the Huntington and Northport bay areas of Long Island New York. When I went to college four years later I took a course and got certified. Six years after that I took a commercial diving course and spent the next ten years working as a commercial diver. Most of my time as a commercial diver was spent working for Xplo a company that specialized in underwater demolition and bridge reconstruction. Other companies I worked for had me doing pipe line work, pipe penetration, power plants and saturation diving. The most hours I spent under water in a single year was 1,237 and my deepest dive was to 686'. About fifteen years ago I got into kayak diving. On Long Island beach access is limited so this got me to places easily that could only be reached by boat and did not require me to trailer a boat and find a boat ramp in the area. I set up a small umbilical to run off a scuba tank so I could leave the tank in the kayak as I towed it behind me. Due to the size of the kayak I had to keep the size of the umbilical to 50', so diving with it limits me to about 35-40'. This works very well for me when I am going for lobster in the shallow and very rocky waters of the north shore.

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(Wednesday, 05 May 2010) Written by souslevent971 show souslevent971 profile
Come visit Guadeloupe (French West Indies) and dive in the famous Cousteau Marine Park. Vronique & Alex welcome you in their fully equipped cottages located in a 2'300sqm tropical garden with a swimming pool and sea view, facing the "Rserve Cousteau" marine park in Guadeloupe. Diving spots and beach 5 min. away by car. One chalet is fully equipped for disabled persons. Swiss owners and alumni of the Lausanne Hotel Management School. Special offers for scuba-divers on our website: Accommodations: Cottages 2-3p Bungalow with aircon 2-4p Twin cottages 4-6p

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(Tuesday, 27 April 2010) Written by scubaboy show scubaboy profile
Hi, I reached 60years of agelast June 2009 and realized a life time ambition had never been fulfilled. TV days of Jaques Cousteu, Sea-Hunt and Hans and Lotti Hass (memory poor) I had a tourist dive on the Great Barrier Reef, Queensland Australia about 2004 so decided todive before the Drs said no. Did a week intense one on one training at Dive Victoria in November 2009and instantly was hooked. Went back December and bought all my gear and did Adventure-all round intro diving. Even one of the first on the recently sunk HMAS Canberra warship. Next the J4 submarine and had soon got 12 dives in. I had on really scary experience when my equipment played up. The BC was not emptied of water, one of my integrated weights came out and I lost my team and buddy. I could not get under water and was being swwept round and round in a strong current and being sucked out to sea. I kept calm and did all the things taught me, whilst trying to atttract attention from the ever decreasing size of my dive boat. I was rescued soon after. I tried several times to get back in over next few days, but each time the dive was ancelled or the seas too rough forme to feel comfortable. Tried again in Februrary and again dive cancelled due to weather. In April finally booked in weekend of four dives--but gues what. First day, eventhough perfect weather, it was cancelled due to insufficient divers. Late on that first day finally got a call for a social shore/jetty dive off San Remo pier; which is adjacent to and adjoining Phillip Island (Far South of Victoria-nearest town Wonthaggi) This dive was best thing I could have done after that expereince as was able to get confidence back in shallow 9 metre water and test out equipment, skills and memory of all involved, from gearing up to enjoying a drift on the way back. This area does not easily come up on maps associated with his site, but is full of locally well known dives and dives yet to be explored and 'not-yet-found' ones. The diving is as good as much seen on the Barrier reef and the shoals of fish enormous.I saw at least 10 large schools of different fish, large cray and fan and sponges and colour one would not expect in such a relatively cool climate. On the other hand the water is recorded as being about 20 degrees all the time in April, during my three dives. One at the George Kermode wreck (old dredger) and in a place called the fish pool, as well as my jetty dive. It was good to get back in the water. I found that to have one of those cheap fibreglass bags is handy to put wet dive gear in after, to save messing the car up. There is no washing facilities there as water restrictions are strict there-so plan to use showers at nearby caaravan parks etc. Did I say it WAS GREAT TO BE BACK IN THE WATER!

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looking for USS NOA
(Wednesday, 03 March 2010) Written by NEWDIVER show NEWDIVER profile
My father served on the USS NOA during WW2. She went down off Palau on 12 Sept 1944 with no loss of life. Navy records show 07 degrees 01' North, 134 degrees 30' East. Unfortunately, it is also very close to the Palau Trench, and am afraid it may have went deep into it.I've always wanted to see if I could find and many dive on the wreck, hoping it sank onto a shoal or at least shallower water. Does anyone have any information from diving in the area? I'd appreciate anything.

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thug life through the eyes of a poacher
(Tuesday, 02 March 2010) Written by expoacher show expoacher profile
Amuese yourself at perlemoen all questions will be awnsered

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nemo 33 bruxelles
(Sunday, 28 February 2010) Written by patrice show patrice profile
petite sorti de remise en forme a nemo 33

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Lion Fist spotted on Venezuela's coasts
(Monday, 04 January 2010) Written by gahernandez show gahernandez profile
The lion fish has been spotted in Venezuela's coast line. This past weekend on Saturday on Jan 2 at Cayo Norte, Parque Morrocoy one was seen! Another one was seen and caught at Chichiriviche, Miranda. This one was taken to an aquarium for marine biologist to learn about it! we are concerned about its capability to nest eggs quickly year round, and to feed on reef fishes. Around here we believe there isnkt a natural predator to keep its popuation number under control. Let alone reef fish diversity population.

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(Wednesday, 28 October 2009) Written by patrice show patrice profile
hydravion allemand a trois moteur

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(Wednesday, 28 October 2009) Written by patrice show patrice profile
photo de l'arroyo le bateau citernier couler volontairement par le GERS en 1953

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Limpieza de Playa Atalaya Marbella
(Tuesday, 13 October 2009) Written by pepe74 show pepe74 profile
El Da de la Playa Limpia llega a la Playa Atalaya (Estepona, cerca de San Pedro) en colaboracin con PADI (la Asociacin Profesional de los Instructores de Buceo) Projecto AWARE (Concienciacin, Responsabilidad y Educacin del Mundo Acutico) y Happy Divers Marbella & IDC College. La sexta edicion de la limpieza anual ser una parte de la campaa en curso de la concienciacin sobre el medioambiente. La Fundacin Project AWARE es la organizacin medioambiental sin nimo de lucro que lidera la industria del buceo dedicada a conservar los entornos subacuticos mediante la educacin, defensa y accin. Creado en 1989, empez en repuesta a una creciente demanda para unificar la voz de la comunidad de buceo para preservar nuestros entornos acuticos. Originalmente estaba previsto que fuera un esfuerzo de diez aos, pero los profesionales PADI, los buceadores y la comunidad internacional acogieron el Proyecto AWARE con tanto entusiasmo que se ha convertido en un proyecto indefinido que actualmente contina. Hoy, el proyecto implica a los buceadores y a los amantes del agua en actividades medioambientales tales como la campaa de limpieza Cleanup Day y la campaa Dive in to Earth Day. Projecto AWARE formenta la conservacin mediante la concienciacin pblica y las campaas educativas tales como Protect the Sharks, Protect the Living Reef y AWARE Kids. A travs de la interaccin con los profesionales PADI, cada ao el Proyecto AWARE plantea a ms de un milln de personas en todo el mundo la concienciacin ambiental. Es uno de los mayores esfuerzos medioambientales de la comunidad de buceo y en el que puedes participar. Durante los seis aos pasados, el Proyecto AWARE ha colaborado con Happy Divers para traer El Da de la Playa Limpia a la Costa del Sol. Happy Divers Marbella & IDC College es el centro de buceo en la Costa Del Sol con la valoracin ms alta de PADI – el Gold Palm 5* IDC Resort, centro PADI IE y primer centro NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC en Espaa. All, se forman buceadores “desde principante hasta instructor”. Este ao, Happy Divers (junto con el PADI Proyecto AWARE) quisiera tu ayuda en El Da de la Playa Limpia – este sbado el 17 de Octubre de 10:00 a 13:00. Los voluntarios se reunirn fuera del centro de buceo Happy Divers en Atalaya Park; despus de la limpieza, todos estas invitados a disfrutar de una sangra y probar el buceo en nuestra piscina, todo de manera gratuita! Buceadores certificados con equipo propio son bienvenidos a Splash for Trash (Mjate para Recoger la Basura). Happy Divers proveer los tanques y pesos; por favor asegurate traer todo el equipo si quieres bucear. Personas no certificadas pueden contribuir para andar por la playa. Todos los materiales – guantes etc. sern provistos por el centro de buceo. Juntos, podemos limpiar una parte de la Playa Atalaya para demonstrar que nuestra comuidad est dedicada a la salud de nuestros entornos subacuticos. Para obtener ms informacin, busca la pgina de Happy Divers a , lee sobre la Fundacin del Proyecto AWARE a , o contacta el centro de buceo a +34 609 571 920 (pide Peter) o This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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Brand New
(Thursday, 24 September 2009) Written by cmerchant show cmerchant profile
In hopes of receiving my open diving certification next month. My husband & i have went thru the course at the dive center & we both passed the certification requirements & test......all we have left is to do our 2 day open dive! Cant wait, & hope to get some great info from you guys, we are really excited about this new hobby!

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Caça Submarina dos Meros no Açores
(Thursday, 27 August 2009) Written by boliveira show boliveira profile
Far sentido permitir a caa a meros nos Aores?

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Dive in Madeira Island (portugal)
(Wednesday, 26 August 2009) Written by pablodive show pablodive profile
Hi , Iwould like to know if i going to be able to dive with no problem at the madeira aisland portugal in september? , I Mean about the wheter The water its going to be warm enough? thanks everyone

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Dive Buddy Needed!!!!
(Sunday, 23 August 2009) Written by mike.g.richmond show mike.g.richmond profile
I will be traveling to the Los Angeles area and wanted to dive on Aug 31st or Sept. 1st. I would be willing to do a shore dive or a boat dive if someone knows of a boat going out. I just need a dive bubby. you can shoot me an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it if you are interested.

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A new Shipwreck in La Herradura bay
(Monday, 03 August 2009) Written by lupgallery show lupgallery profile
I went Diving last Saturday, with my brother Jack, and sister Ashleigh, off the beach of La Herradura. We brought a underwater digital camera with us with the intention of taking a few snaps of the marine life that inhabit the rocky reef along our coastline. I took lots of photos of almost anything I could see and quite a lot of them came out quite well, but I am getting off topic now, so I best get back on track. Jack and Ashleigh were in front of me and about 20 minutes into the dive they had stumbled onto what looked like a small fishing boat. I have never noticed it here before but it looked like it had been down for a good while. I took some photos of it becuase I had the camera in my hand, but also because it also happened to be the first wreck I have dived on. After looking around it for a while before we headed back to our exit point, the beach. For some reason, I felt like I knew that boat. So that same afternoon, after getting our bottles filled up, we went back to the little boat. I looked around the bow of the small fishing boat and I found it's name "Jauni Y David". I have seen this boat before several months ago. It had washed up on a small beach inside the bay of La Herradura and I stumbled upon it by chance. It was filled up with water and sand but seemed like it was in pretty good condition otherwise. Jack who was with me then, helped me clean it out and got it floating. We then pulled it back onto the beach so that we could retrieve it later. Unfortunately when we returne, somebody had already rowed off the it. I know this for a fact becuase a few weeks later it was on a mooring tied to a buoy. Oh well, C'est la vie. A few months after that the boat disappeared. I will state in my blog though that I did not make it disappear or sink it. So La Herradura has a new dive site that I have added to this website. I have dubbed it 'Damsel's Wreck'. due to its large number of inhabitants, the Damselfish.

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Dive Story
(Monday, 22 June 2009) Written by penyelaman show penyelaman profile
Once upon time at Campuss of Department of Marine Science - Diponegoro University (UNDIP) of Semarang - Central Java in 1990, I met Heri, Horas andAnthony. They told me their trip and show me the local weekly buletin, Cempaka which has news of Expedition of group of student from UNDIP in Karimunjawa islands, North of Java.

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(Sunday, 14 June 2009) Written by divetom show divetom profile
My dive blog is hosted within my private homepage on Feel free to read there.

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(Sunday, 07 June 2009) Written by chris show chris profile
If you havn't seen this great documentary yet... This is the right time!
If it doesn't work (embeeded), have a look at YouTube directly.

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New Dives
(Monday, 25 May 2009) Written by mike.g.richmond show mike.g.richmond profile
I just added two new dives. It was an interesting spot just wish it was a bit deeper the best diving is right in the thermocline which makes buoyancy a bit tricky.

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(Wednesday, 01 April 2009) Written by Tigerdiver show Tigerdiver profile
Im searching bout information about Shark diving in North Carolina? There should be a quiet big population of Raggedtooth Sharks (Sandtiger)??

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Diving Central America
(Monday, 23 March 2009) Written by GMAN show GMAN profile
Taking the van and heading to C. America and some Mexico for 2 months. In search of the perfect dive! Anyone wanting to join up for any or all of this trip let me know. Will be leaving on 4/5/09 to Texas for van modifications and then across the border. Give some input or suggestions as I will be mostly exploring with the exception of a few planned spots. Safe diving to all.

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alainflour Dive
(Tuesday, 03 March 2009) Written by alainlour show alainlour profile

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Blog is taking off!!!
(Tuesday, 24 February 2009) Written by mike.g.richmond show mike.g.richmond profile
My blog has just taken the next step. I have posted several new articles. I am currently working on getting it my to speed and monitoring the latest dive news from around the world to combine with my own person dive stories. Subscribe now!!! You dive instructor wants you to.

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New Posting
(Saturday, 21 February 2009) Written by mike.g.richmond show mike.g.richmond profile
I Just posted a new entry on my blog. It's an Post I did for the forum. Check it out and let me know what you think.

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Check Out my Dive Blog!
(Thursday, 19 February 2009) Written by mike.g.richmond show mike.g.richmond profile
Check out my dive blog " Dive the fish tank "

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Panama Diving
(Sunday, 15 February 2009) Written by demoman show demoman profile
This is my first post on this site. Hear goes. I am going to Panama in May. The East coast between nombre de dios and san blas. will be diving with small operator called carribean jimmys. anyone know anything about. heard from person who put trip together that it has pristine reefs etc. who out there knows about this area and the diving. another thing. what do you think about taking a metal detector (underwater) and using when diving over spanish wrecks. supposedly there are many old wrecks in the area. anyone have experience treasure hunting in panama? dm

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Dives & pictures
(Wednesday, 11 February 2009) Written by SERGE show SERGE profile
Hi, here is my homepage Serge

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(Friday, 06 February 2009) Written by Schiphol show Schiphol profile
Hi all sea life lovers, No I am not a diver, but a fanatic snorkler together with my wife. All ready nearly 40 years. Started in South of France at the Riviera, near St.Tropez and along the whole coast. Also in Croatia. Later even catched Mediteranean fish to take with us to the marine aquarium I had many years. Had to stop due to too busy life. Later we went on a cruise to the Carabean and made great snorkling at the islands of Antiqua and St. John (Trunckbay). Again later we made three great trips to the Red Sea. But dont do that if you dont wanne be spoiled. Why no diving. Never tried, too scary hihi.

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(Thursday, 05 February 2009) Written by calabardina show calabardina profile

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Leave sea urchins alone!
(Wednesday, 04 February 2009) Written by Termitedidge show Termitedidge profile
What's with all those divers that find pleasure in killing things? I thought the single biggest concern shared by all divers was the descruction of habitat and the loss of reef biodiversity in a changing world...? So why do some divers persist on wrecking dive sites through thoughtless cultivation of sea urchins for feeding to bigger fish?

To all those divers who understand the important role sea urchins play in the biodiveristy and health of reef sites... please always do your best try to educate your fellow divers, and don't turn a blind eye to the senseless descruction of great dive sites.

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dive trip
(Sunday, 01 February 2009) Written by diveking show diveking profile
I'm looking for anyone interested in diving the straits of mackinaw, michigan at the end of july, should be a good dive!!!

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Impressive Golden Rays migration pictures !
(Thursday, 22 January 2009) Written by chris show chris profile
Here is a serie of picture from Sandra Critelli taken off the coast of Mexico's Holbox Island. Linked articles: [ 1 ], [ 2 ], [ 3 ] Never seen this!

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cave diving
(Tuesday, 30 December 2008) Written by Samanthathien show Samanthathien profile
Hello, My name is Samantha and Iwant to get into cave diving. I'm a certified PADI diver and have only dove about 15 times- I've dove the Blue Hole- that was amazing and I just really want to get into cave diving but I don't know where to start! I live in San Diego, California and I don't know if you could refer me to any schools out here? I don't know if I should just start diving more and getting more logs or if I need to follow certain rules while I'm doing it? I'm lost- any info would be appreciated Thanks- Samantha

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Peel castle video
(Saturday, 06 December 2008) Written by brice show brice profile
Just a nice video of Peel Caste, Isle of man.

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diving sail rock
(Friday, 24 October 2008) Written by arnie show arnie profile
well this morning we were out at sail rock, beautiful conditions and loads of schools of travelli balling on the east pinnacle, whale shark ther yesterday but not this morning, however we are going back at lunchtime and my video camera is primed. alex sail rock divers

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Dive Costa Rica
(Saturday, 18 October 2008) Written by criticalmess show criticalmess profile

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(Saturday, 06 September 2008) Written by ammy show ammy profile
hei dette er min nye dykkeblogg

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Octopus vs Shark National Geographic video
(Thursday, 17 July 2008) Written by chris show chris profile

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Hi everyone
(Thursday, 01 May 2008) Written by PSDIVERTOM show PSDIVERTOM profile
I'm a police diver/PSD in Canada and always on the look out for new dive buddies and friends. It doesn't matter if you are police/fire/emt divers, just always making friends and dive buddies is fantastic. Drop me a line or even vist my page on myspace.

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General view of Diving in Taiwan
(Saturday, 26 April 2008) Written by scuba_diving1 show scuba_diving1 profile
Diving in Taiwan Taiwan is one of Asia’s best kept secrets in the diving community. Even though Taiwan is a small Island it has beautiful dive sites to offer from the north to the south. With year round diving, water temperatures in the south of 21C in the winter and 29-30C in the summer, soft coral sites that are the best in the world, healthy hard coral sites and sites with both hard and soft corals Taiwan is one of the best diving sites in the Asia area offering both shore and boat dives. Whether a shallow dive or a deep dive you will be able to view a well developed environment. This was the headline that John a Canadian Dive Instructor had read before he came to Taiwan 17 years ago. “Taiwan, Where’s Taiwan” was his first thought. He moved to Kaohsiung the second largest city in Taiwan where he began his diving career. Completing all of his training from Open Water Diver to Instructor in Kenting the south part of Taiwan, he started to explore sites in the north such as Sheng-Aou, Wreck Point, Long-Tong Bay, Turtle Island, good for the turtles and also on this site is an underwater volcanic vent in fairly shallow water. After exploring the sites in the north John decided to start exploring the sites in the south in greater detail. The south part has three Islands. Starting with a small little island on the west side called Shiou Liu Chiu a twenty minute ferry ride from Kaohsiung. Shiou Liu Chiu is a true coral Island; everything was built on top of the coral. Well known for the turtles and nice corals. It is better to go there with somebody that can speak Chinese because English is not used there and there is only one dive shop with no sign, even though the owner cannot speak English he is still a nice guy and very knowledgeable of the dive sites on the Island. On the south east side of Taiwan there are also two other Islands called Green Island and Orchid Island perhaps the best diving in Taiwan with visibilities of 30 plus meters. The first time that John visited Green Island which has one of only three salt water hot springs in the world, the tallest bell corals, soft corals and hard corals in pristine shape was amazing, except for the 45 minute ferry ride over there which was the ride from hell, the only thing saving him were the two seasick pills that he took an hour before the ferry ride. The ferry ride is not always so rough but if you hit it on a bad day well you know Twice a year for a week at a time Green Island also offers a Hammerhead shark dive in the 30 to 35 meter range and deeper but more risk. At this time they are migrating through sitting in thirty meters of water during the daytime after hunting all night in the deeper water. However due to the conditions of the dive this dive is for only very experienced divers. The rest of the dives on Green Island are well worth it, you jump in look down 30 meters and see the bottom clearly. Accommodations are comfortable with the best being a 4 star hotel down too a comfortable divers place, mattress on the floor and a roof over your head, even A/C Green Island can also be reached by plane, but not the best schedule. Orchid Island which is a little longer ferry ride was just as amazing. Deep clear waters a couple of nice wrecks, wall dives another underwater volcanic vent but too deep for diving, plenty of marine life, After spending time on Green Island and Orchid Island John returned back to Kenting to where he now lives (and just happens to be the only foreign Instructor in the area) to shore dive sites such as the Flower Garden which has the largest abundance of soft corals in the world, Mawbitou another site well known for the soft corals. Sail Rock or sometimes called Nixon Rock because from the side view it does look like Richard Nixon, a site that is good for viewing blue spotted rays, Sand Island which is not actually an Island, John Learned that according to the locals there use to be a sand bar out a little distance and over a short time was worn down. Sand Island is also not real sand it is a result of crushed seashells about 97% so fine that it appears to be sand. On the right side of Sand Island is an area where turtles lay there eggs and is off limits to people. Boat dives in Kenting are numerous. John has been on many boat dives viewing everything from Eagle Rays to Turtles to pigmy sea horses. Most of the shore in Kenting is volcanic rock and can be a little challenging to people who are not use to it, however there are sites where this is not a problem. The overall marine life in Kenting is not as good as maybe some of the best locations in the world due to an over fishing problem but through conservation and police action increasing, it is recovering and increasing every year If you were to ask John to sum up diving in Taiwan he would say “The Taiwanese people are nice, the weather is nice, and the diving just keeps getting better, soon it will be the best in Asia”

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A Divers Responsility
(Saturday, 26 April 2008) Written by scuba_diving1 show scuba_diving1 profile
A Divers Responsibility I learn to Dive in Kenting Taiwan 10 years ago. Since that time I have enjoyed over 1600 recreational dives and many training dives at various dive sites around Kenting. The Dive sites around Kenting offer a variety of hard, soft and mixed coral sites and in the last few years the fish have been returning making the diving even better. The coral is in good shape especially the soft coral sites, and as long as we divers do our part to help keep things clean under the surface thecorals should continue to thrive. I have always been into conservationand have spent many dives cleaning by myself or organizing a group to go on cleaning dives with me. I don't believe we should just clean on days like Earth Day, after all Its only once a year and when coral has garbage or a net on top of it, it only takes a few days to block the sun and coral starts to die, so we should as divers take the responsibility to carry an onion bag ( best bags I have found so far) with us and if we see anything that shouldn't be there just pick it up It won't kill you. Out of the ten years I have been diving I have been an Instructor for almost nine of them. All my students that I teach I try to imprint on them just how important it is for us divers to help keep the corals clean since all peoples lives are connected to the sea and will be even more so in the future. Corals provide a means to giving us food, medicine (new medicines every day coming directly from corals) shelters for fish which we eat and for fish that attract other fish that we eat , corrosion protection on our shores, and as well as other reasons that benefit everybody. During my dives I have noticed that the cleaner and healthier a reef is the more sea life there is to see, so it only makes sense that if we do our part and help clean up then the reef is healthier the sea life is better and everybody is happier. Organizing a cleaning dive does not take any more work than a normal dive, just pack an onion bag in your BCD call your friends and say lets go Its that simple. If you are one of these people that say I’m just there to dive then think of it this way everything is connected to everything else in one way or another so if the reef dies then those fish that live there will eventually be gone and the other life, life that depends on them will be gone to and the sea life that we people depend on is gone as well why? Because you said I’m just a diver and didn't want to help benefit everybody else. Nobody is asking you to clean the world just do what you can. I know this all sounds a little preachy and if you find picking up garbage is a little beneath you personally then organize a cleaning dive where you are the organizer and don’t have to get your hands dirty.

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TV Casting Commercial Sydney
(Saturday, 29 March 2008) Written by outcast show outcast profile
I am a casting director casting a TV commercial for a Chinese drink called H20. We require a swimmer who would be comfortable swimming to 10 meters. There is a character who dives into the water after a bottle of H20. He dives down and is surrounded by sharks. He finds the bottle and takes it back to his friends on the boat waiting. The dive is about 10 meters, you would have scuba divers with air tanks with you and the divers swim with these sharks all the time so you would be safe. The age group we are looking for is 20-25 years old, male Asian and Caucasian. The shoot dates are the 14th to 16th April 2008 its a 3 x 10 hour day for $3000.00. All travel and accomodation are paid for. The location is Seal Rocks. If you are right for the brief or know anyone can you contact me on: 9690 1835 or 0417 887 007. Our companies website is: I can send you a script/storyboard if you email me your details. Regards, Wendy Green Casting Director

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Questions regarding the Big Island
(Saturday, 29 December 2007) Written by Wes show Wes profile
Hola, I just found your site and jumped on board. While I do not place the islands of Hawaii high on my must do dive destinations, we, my wife and a second couple, will be spending 10 days on the Big Island through the generosity of my accountant lending us her condo for gratis. I have a few questions for those that have visited these shores if you please. I have gone through the great Shore Diving web site, and have read a few other books about shore diving the island, suggestions please. Also one can read and even correspond with a dive shop/boat but personal referrals just seem a tad better. How about the topic of NEEDING a 4WD, would a high clearance SUV be just a good. Just to let you know a bit about our diving requests, generally if we are wet, it's cool, but having your hand held throughout the dive and having to egress when the heavy breather sucks it down to 500 psi is not my idea of a good time. A small boat charter usually fits our needs better. Many thanks, Wes

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Scuba diving hawaii, island of Oahu Shipwrecks
(Monday, 29 October 2007) Written by show profile
A great day of diving today with just a little bit of current. Dive site one - Sea Tiger - Viz great 60' - As soon as we hit the wreck saw two eagle rays swimming around us, great! Three turtles on the wreck as we explored the inner depths of the Sea Tiger. Dive site two - Kewlo pipe - Viz ok 30' - A little cloudy on the reef today untill we got out to the cement house then was about 50'. A few eels and schools of fish was good dive but the viz was not with us today! Certified Divers: What kind of scuba diving sites do we do on Oahu, Hawaii? Our Scuba Dive sites range from deep Diving to shallow Dives, from awesome Ship wrecks, to abundant reefs. Check out our Dive Sites page to see why scuba divng in Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii is awesome! All of our certified divers dive with a PADI Divemaster or PADI Instructor at a maximum of 4 divers to 1 guide. Wrecks Sea Tiger The Sea Tiger is the deepest wreck on the island. It was sunk as an artificial reef in 1999, is 189 feet long, and is thriving with marine life. It rests in 122 feet of water. YO257 Wreck The YO257 is arguably the most exciting wreck to dive. There are actually two wrecks to see at this site: The San Pedro (80 feet long) rests only 30 meters from the YO257 (190 feet long). This is definitely a two-for-one dive. You can expect to see white-tip reef sharks, eagle rays , and even get your picture taken by the occupants of the Atlantis Submarine. That's right, the tourists will be inside the submarine looking out at you. Maximum depth is 107 feet. Corsair Airplane The only wreck that was not intentionally sunk as an artificial reef, the corsair was ditched by its pilot during WWII as it ran out of fuel. The aircraft is in remarkable condition and even has an intact glass face on one of the cockpit gauges. The plane sits in 107 feet of water and is the only site where we have seen the elusive garden eels. Baby Barge At this dive site you can combine wreck and reef diving. You can expect to see the green sea turtles as well as the friendly white tip reef sharks. Maximum depth is 85 feet. LST Wreck The LST is an exciting wreck dive which allows for easy wreck penetration. It is 110 feet long and sits in 95 feet of water.
Testing blogger
(Friday, 06 July 2007) Written by chris show chris profile
Hi there, I just spent 10 minutes creating a blog thru blogger , the Google blog system. It is really amazing to see how good are Google products. Simple, clear and really easy to manage. I created this blog very quickly, and I added the Wannadive RSS feeds Atlas feeds Forum feeds It will be really cool to add my own dive logs and trip logs to my blogger account. This is my request for enhancement of the year! Best, Chris

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30% of overexposed pictures
(Thursday, 24 May 2007) Written by chris show chris profile
Bad news... Approx30% of my pictures from the Philippines are overexposed :( I made some tests in a pool before my departure and I increase of one stop my diagraphm. This was quite fine for wide angle pictures but not for macro, of course... So most of super-macro pictures are really overexposed. Hopefully, I still have some good shots. Soon on my picture gallery on Wannadive and into the atlas. Best Chris

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Red Sea Dive Trip
(Wednesday, 09 May 2007) Written by Christopherweldon show Christopherweldon profile
I just wanted to give a shout out to a great little dive center in Hurghada. Sunshinediving arranged a great tour for me and my family throughout Egypt and provided excellent dive service during our stay in Hurghada. They had a representative meet us at the gate at the Cairo Airport and we were taken care of every step of the way. We spend three days touring the Pyramids, Egyptian Museum (King Tut's stuff), and Luxar (Valley of the kings etc). We then went to Hurghada and spend 7 days in a wonderful hotel diving the Red Sea ! The staff at Sunshine was outstanding and the Dive Master, Humada, was the best ever! They had a very nice boat complete with good food and plenty of snacks and drinks. One day the only two divers on the boat were me and my daughter. The other day, the rest of my family went snorkeling with us, and there were 2-6 other divers on the trip as well. The boat was never even close to crowded. Terri at Shunshinediving was great to work with and she set everything up. No matter what we asked for (dive instruction, day trips in Egypt , transfers, etc.)you name it, she took care of it at a very reasonable price. I highly recommend them, and will definitely return myself. The web address is: Chris

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(Saturday, 05 May 2007) Written by Pisco23 show Pisco23 profile
About 15 years ago I was in Venezuela - and ended up travelling with a german guy, who had just badly hurt his ankle treking.... as a result of this he needed some R+R so he convinced me to take a diving course. We ended up in a place near the Morocoy national park, which has beautiful wetlands onshore, and paradise islands offshore.... The town itself was a dive, described in the guide as "dirty, rundown and lawless". There was a dive school in this place run by an expat belgium, who despite appearances (and despite the story below) was a good and conciencious divemaster. All went well for the first few days; but on the saturday it got crowded as the weekend crowd from Caracas joined. After the usual faffing around, everyone got in the boat and we motored off. Given that weekendgot a bit crowded, we headed for one of the more remote islands. After about half and hour, we slowed and stopped to have a look at some tiny, but apparently deadly jellyfish drifting by. After this diversion, we engaged the engine, revved up, and didn't move. Another couple of tries, and some investigation showed that the prop had dropped off the outboard. Sadly, despite a boat full of dive gear, the water was too deep to try and retrieve the prop (not to mention the jellyfish). So we sat there in a small swell, under a baking caribbean sun, slowly roasting. Had they a spare motor? a two-way radio? an oar? anything????? Nope. So we continued sitteing there, getting midly seasick, and very burnt. We tried the standard (and totally futile) waving of towels, flashing mirrors etc at distant boats - mostly dive boats heading to the less remote islands - oh yes, that decision had bitten us in the butt! After a while, an overdressed young lady (clearly from caracas) pulled a mobile phone from her purse and wondered out loud whether it might be of any use! This was way back in the day when few people had mobiles, and when coverage was quite limited - so with great scepticism we looked - and guess what - it was on a network. So our dive guide called his shop and got a rescue boat headed our way. The boat contniued to bob on the small swell, the sun climbed higher and still we waited - OK so it wasn't exactly Captain Bligh, but it felt like forever. The rescue boat was well overdue, so more calls to the shore, and it had left, and somethinig was clearly not right. Eventually, the shop called us, the resuce boat was back! They had gone to the wrong place of course. So once more, we gave directions, and they set off. this time it was better - they duely sped up ina a Miami Vice style, all revving engines, tight turns and lots of spray. The guys bantered a lot, enjoyed playing the macho rescue boys - they fitted a new prop and span their boat around and spet off into the proverbial sunset. Wait a sec.... we hadn't actually tried the 'repaired' motor... but no, they were gone. Happily the engine started and it was thrown into gear - we started moving backwards... oh shit. Our savious had somehow managed to put the prop on backwards! With the engine in reverse gear, we limped ourway towards the nearest island with it overheating as we beached. Safely ashore, we could swap the prop back over. We got in a great dive and got home.... Viva mobile phones!

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Countdown to Visayas...
(Thursday, 29 March 2007) Written by chris show chris profile
Departure date for my trip to Visayas is April 7th... I'm all exited ! Last night, I test my UW camera to be sure there is no problem. No leak, that's cool :) and now I have to wait for my roll of film (I shoot an old Sensia 100 fo tests). The guy from the photo shop sait 10 to 15 days for the E6 development !!!! So I gave my roll to a professional lab (sic! 15 euros for a single roll). But I want to be sure my F90X still shot right... Next step, check all my electric/electronic stuffs. A plug adapter for UK/US, a battery charger etc. Almost ready!

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Welcome Australia !
(Tuesday, 27 February 2007) Written by Krys show Krys profile
I am in Sydney for a 6 months internship.Hope to dive the great barrier reef; and become an AOW : Sydney Opera Harbour Bridge

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Video - Crazy diver
(Tuesday, 20 February 2007) Written by jack show jack profile

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Stop the dolphin and whale killings in Taiji
(Tuesday, 13 February 2007) Written by lea show lea profile
Sign the petition against this

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Meeting the manatees...
(Tuesday, 06 February 2007) Written by lea show lea profile
I'm just back from Crystal River where I met manatees. I went both to King's spring and the three sisters spring. Water temp was 72F. Swimming with them was so great !!! Some picts (not from me). Here are some pictures of manatees: Aerial view of King's bay Swimming manatee... Close-up Nursing... All pictures from USGS website .

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Some other stereograms
(Thursday, 18 January 2007) Written by jack show jack profile
Some more stereograms : To view the 3D image, focus your eyes behind the screen. The easiest way to do this is to focus on your own reflection in the monitor. Aquarium Source: - See Full size image Dolphins Source: - See full image Anthias? Source: - See full image Angel fish Source: - See full image Shark Source: - See full image More stereograms? Search Google Image

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Remember those crazy images?...
(Thursday, 18 January 2007) Written by jack show jack profile
Look carefully and focus behind the image... S ource:

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Philippines... I'm coming soon !
(Tuesday, 09 January 2007) Written by chris show chris profile
After maybe four or five years dreaming about Philippines as a diving destibation, that's on rails: April 2007 ! Destination: The Magellan cruise near Leyte... Dive sites: Malapascua (North Cebu) Leyte (Baybay, Padre Burgos) Cebu More info: See the complete travel tour at Abyss website

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(Sunday, 17 December 2006) Written by chris show chris profile
Just testing...

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