Electric Scallop at Liberty Wreck
(Sunday, 26 November 2017) Written by penyelaman show penyelaman profile
Opportunity to make a dive trip with colleagues came this weekend. After long email communications, finally we have 4 divers for this trip. For me this is an important moment because this is the first time I dive with my own dive equipments - I will tell you on another post. Our dive plan was dive for 2 days at Liberty Wreck, Drop-off, Seraya and Gili Tepekong, but then we decided to make 1 day dive trip to Seraya and Liberty Wreck - although I have made several dives at Liberty wreck but I always excited to make others, I believe that I would find something different and special at this dives and Seraya is my first dive and it has been become a topic of divers discussion as top muck dive destination in the world. Saturday morning Denpasar has rain when I and Marthen left for Tulamben. The distance could not make us bored. I and Marthen are chatting on how we are excited to the dive to day along the way. We arrive at Puri Mada after 2 hours and half drive and meet Rudy and Putri who arrive first. We find the officer and discuss our plan today. We will dive use scuba tank with natural air - some divers use mix air to make longer dive - with G11 underwater camera so we can document our dive and also the exquisite underwater life. After take a team photo we headed Seraya as first dive use ketinting 5 horse power engine. a young cleaner wrasse is doing his job, cleaning mouth of a murray eel It takes only 15 minutes to reach Seraya. The sea was calm with some clouds. We entry from black sandy beach easily with Bagong as our dive guide. We descent slowly to the slope until 23 meter depth where Bagong pointed into something tiny on top of small rock. I kicked my fin rapidly to come closer and firstly in my dive life I meet a Harlequin shrimp (Hymenocera elegans) - an exotic underwater critter which often I seen on Television or marine guide book only. I watched the animal for moment and enjoy its behavior, its looked hungry and it was hunting for prey. This animal can eat a star fish which is much bigger than their body by turn over the prey then bring to their hole and cut the starfish's arm by piece with their sharp "weapon". Close to rock there is garden of white hydroids live on black sandy bottom where a cuttle fish hunts and follow its prey. We swim slowly and gently and swept our eyes to find little critters, there were at least five different beautifull nudibranch, scorpion fish, lion fish and also murray eels.This site also speciall for shrimps. We find bright green Mantis shrimp under the rock and swim out to welcome our visit. Mantis shrimp (Odontodactylus scyallarus) is unique animal especially on its eyes and deathly claws. The other speciall biota we found is Durban dancing shrimp (Rhynchocinetes durbanensis) which colony stay and a rock where a couple murray eel stay for day rest. A pair of whip coral shrimp found at 60 cm green whip coral. Seraya is not paradise for little critters but also has a school of bat fish (Platax sp.) and Barracuda (Sphyraena genie). At 8 meter depth we saw a "space ship" artificial reef made for house of fish and other marine life. This dive was superb and give me new experience and collection of sea animal highlight. Harlequin shrimp!
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