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Dive log: dive with planet diving

Written by luigii_26 show luigii_26 profile

Saturday November 20 2010 02:14:03 PM

Dive site: Victory Wreck, Indonesia

My Rating:

Max depth: 4 m

Dive time: 15 min



legon bajo, sangiang island


it was a new dive experience for me as a beginner diver, allthe grup was more experience diver than me.

During my descent, I looked at my watch to see the time.Then after a while I couldn’t see my watch anymore because it malfunction. So Ineed to stay close with my buddy…

Plan at 18 mtr but when I resurfaced I look at my depthgauge memory it point to 23mtr

My buoyancy still very poor, and this time I miss the 5 mtrsafety stop because I kept on floating to the surface although I have deflated my bcd

I considered an unsafe dive


batu raden, sangiang island

at the pre dive briefing, I told my divemaster andinstructor that I don’t have any timekeeping device at all, so I asked them tostay close and watch my back. this time the current was strong and all thepeople in the group has scattered around the dive spot. Buddy ferry was waitingfor me then I started to descent. this time I tried using 4 weight. I end uphaving difficulty descending. The deepest that I went was only 4mtr. Then mybuddy swam away deeper, I still couldn’t sink!

Then the next thing I know the current was taking me fartherand all of a sudden I realized that I was all alone. Then I stop, think andreact. I search my buddy I couldn’t find then I decided to resurface (having notimekeeping device and no dive comp)

I swam toward the boat (which quite far but still visible)and the boat drift toward me.

 I find my dive with grup was quite unsafe dive for me,because they lack of attention to beginner diver. And during the pre divebriefing, I never told which direction that we are going to explore. At the 2nddive, the people in my group was separated to 2 or 3 group around the dive sitethus the boat has to pick up in all direction (is common in Indonesia for theboat pick up diver) but of all the problem, I have gained a new dive experienceso I will become a better diver in the future. I didn’t blame planet diving atall and I would like to dive with them again in the future when I have becomemore experience diver…

Buoyancy buoyancy buoyancy = safe dive!!

Dive comp!!!


Created: Wednesday November 24 2010 06:17:16 AM

Modified: Wednesday November 24 2010 06:17:16 AM

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