Lizard fish, Philippines. Photo by Stephane Rochon.

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  • Oct 03 
    [ Comment ] Ammoudi Reef Really nice early octber 2020 !. Much more species and numbers this time, will visit more often.
  • Sep 22 
    [ Comment ] Le Mlère  Magnifique... et profond!. J'y ai plongé en 1992 et 1994 avec le Iero (Jean-Pierre & co). A l'époque ce site était très peu connu. Saint-Pierre, gorgonocéphales, et bien sûr beaucoup de magnifiques gorgones. Le fond du tm [...] More...
  • Sep 16 
    [ Comment ] Sugar hill wreck Special dive in Crete !. Really cool shallow dive, possible to enter the wreck but very narrow and with some lionfish inside. Quite a lot of life around. Best is probably at midday to enjoy full light and colors. Will alwa [...] More...
  • Jul 14 
    [ Comment ] Sunset Reef Also known as Manta Point. A large flat dive site that is suitable for all levels of diver from OW up. The surface can get choppy because it's a bit exposed and the boats aren't exactly large. Manta and Mobula Rays are seen fro [...] More...
  • Jul 14 
    [ Comment ] Deep Turbo Awesome fun. Deep Turbo gets its name for the current which normally runs from the north to the south. You can get dropped off in a boat there and end your dive on Gili T.! Lots of nice canyons and plenty to see.
  • Jul 14 
    [ Comment ] Richelieu Rock Thailand's best dive site!. Richelieu Rock is the best dive site in Thailand. A horseshoe-shaped reef that just breaks the surface at low tide, and always full of fish! If there's current, you can always find shelter. Possible t [...] More...
  • Apr 01 
    [ Comment ] Oldenburg Very good dive. Very nice wreck in very good condition in water between salt and fresh water . Exceptional dive +++
  • Mar 10 
    [ Comment ] Vilingili Kandu Great site. There are currents and one need to hook around 30m deep. Then you have an endless parade of reef sharks crossing in front.
  • Nov 03 
    [ Comment ] Small Wall other names for the dive site. this dive site is also known as Hamlets Reef and Dive Friends Reef
  • Apr 08 
    [ Comment ] Albert Head Lagoon Malicious Comment per Albert Head LAgoon beach. The comment regarding Albert Head Lagoon beach being a "clothing optional" location is absolutely WRONG. Whoever posted that is an idiot! You get naked there, you get arrested. End of story!
  • Nov 12 
    [ Comment ] Punta Sciuscia Sciusciaù. Il nome Sciuscia credo sia improprio. Secondo me il nome di questa punta è Sciusciaù, parola del dialetto locale che si può tradurre "soffiatore", con riferimento al vento che in situazioni perturb [...] More...
  • Sep 20 
    [ Comment ] Alki beach Seattle ferry north Name. This site is referred to by the dive community as Seacrest Park Cove 3 (or usually just cove 3). It is the northernmost site of the 3 Seacrest dive sites. It isn't as highly regarded as cove 2 but a n [...] More...
  • Sep 20 
    [ Comment ] Alki Beach Park Name. This site is known as "The junkyard" to everyone I've met/dove with. Updating the name so others can easily find. It is a great site.
  • Apr 28 
    [ Comment ] Ko Bon Pinnacle Appreciate the depth. It is probably one of the deepest dives in the Andaman islands but there is less to see than in most islands and the number of photos added to the Wannadive site prove it.
  • Apr 19 
    [ Comment ] Black Hole . We couldn't find it. The visibility was at best 2m. Hard to imagine the advertised 30m at this location.
  • Apr 15 
    [ Comment ] Sunok Too many people, too few sharks. There are now at least 3 dive operations and visiting liveaboards using this site. We saw a couple of whale sharks and it was cool, but had to deal with 16 other snorkelers all trying to see the same [...] More...
  • Apr 14 
    [ Comment ] Richelieu Rock Great site. Although each site in Andaman sea has its own uniqueness, there is no doubt this is the best, with great variety and concentraion of small creatures and many fish shoals. Requires at least few dives
  • Apr 11 
    [ Comment ] Mexico Use wannadive zone download link. There are only two dive site for now in this area; you can download them from https://www.wannadive.net/spot/Central_America/Mexico/Baja_California/La_Paz___Isla_Partida/ See the download link and cli [...] More...
  • Apr 10 
  • Mar 03 
    [ Comment ] B-24 Liberator US Bomber The Feather Merchant Serial #42-52655. https://www.archeologidellaria.org/index.php?topic=1855.0 The intervention report drawn up by the crew of the 1st Emergency Rescue Squadron Catalina (Translated) In fact it is the Ford B-24H-15-FO [...] More...
  • Jan 30 
    [ Comment ] VIC Portsea, VIC diving - seals + submarines. Really enjoyed our scuba dive with Redboats of Port Phillip Bay - Victoria. Really depends on what you want but their swim with seals and submarine historical tours are quite popular and we found good [...] More...
  • Nov 14 
    [ Comment ] Batu Kapal  More information about Batu Kapal. I suggest you to visit http://www.bandanaira.net/2016/06/kisah-andreas-muljadi-menyelam-di-batu-kapal.html
  • Sep 03 
    [ Comment ] Les Aiguilles de Tayat 2 . Très beau site qui en effet est peu plongé donc très riche en vie. ( j y ai plongé hier) Merci pour cette recommandation que je valide. Profondeur mini 10 mètres profondeur max 38 mètres. Uti [...] More...
  • Sep 03 
    [ Comment ] L Imperial de terre pierre plonge. Le site est très petit et vous avez vite fait de passer à travers toutes les arches Vous pouvez terminer la plongée en vous dirigeant vers l'impérial du milieu, vous allez avoir une succession de [...] More...
  • Sep 03 
    [ Comment ] Seychelles REMIRE island. E' l'isola riservata del Presidente delle Seychelles. Ci sono stato nel 1998 con la mia imbarcazione, ancorandomi a nord (200 mt dall'isola dove ci sono banchi di sabbia a - 5/6 mt.) Ho fatto belle im [...] More...

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