Whale Shark, Philippines. Photo by Stephane Rochon.

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  • Jan 25 
    [ Info ] Secured navigation Wannadive is now only available thru secured (SSL/HTTPs) navigation. Feel free to report any bugs or wired behavior while browsing/contributing to the dive site atlas and/or thru the Android application.
  • Jul 08 
    [ Info ] Phishing pages Hackers succeeded into injecting some scripts into our server file system; mainly phishing pages (fake Dropbox and/or Email client login page; asking you to login with your Gmail/Yahoo account). We are pretty sure these phishing pages were NOT linked/used within this website; probably used in phishing email campaigns. Your community information (email, password, personal information) from this website were not compromised; but if you have been redirected to these pages it is strongly recommended that you change your email password. Sorry for the inconvenience
  • Dec 20 
    [ Info ] Wannadive è avaiable in italiano! Hi, Wannadive è avaiable in italiano! Today we are very happy to announce that Wannadive interface is available in Italian. We would like to thanks the following translators for their help and great Christmas gift! * Dave Noise (from Wannasurf) * Riccardo Ghetti (from Wannadive) * Lorenzo Facchin (from Wannadive) All Italian divers can now switch to Italian language by using the language selector at the top of Wannadive pages. Enjoy! We wish you a merry Christmas. WD Team
  • Sep 18 
    [ Info ] Wannadive is safe! Hi, Firefox and Chrome users may experiment some difficulties in accessing Wannadive with their web browser. An ugly screen is telling Wannadive could provide malwares and not be safe!... Our ad server has been attacked Sept 15, and we did fix the problem a couple of hours later. Wannadive is now 100% safe. What still happen? Firefox and Google uses a database to track websites where malwares were detected. We ask Google to remove Wannadive from this database but it can takes a few hours/days? :-( Waiting for Google update, you can use a different web browser to access your favorite dive site atlas and community: Internet Explorer or Opera. Those browsers don\'t check Google\'s database. All the best, Wannadive team
  • Jun 06 
    [ Info ] Facebook friends of Wannadive I've setup the website to embed the new "Wannadive Facebook Page" like box. See the new block at the bottom-right of any pages on this website. Like Wannadive; join the new Wannadive page ;-)
  • Jun 01 
    [ Info ] Wannadive is beschikbaar in het Nederlands! Albert has very quickly translated all Wannadive messages from English into Dutch. I\'m sure all divers from the Netherlands, Aruba, Belgium, Netherlands Antilles, Suriname, Benelux, etc. will enjoy having the atlas in this language. We would warmly like to thanks Albert for his contribution. You can visit Albert profile (search for username=Albert) in the Wannadive community. Don\'t hesitate to congratulate him with a message if you like his translation. Other languages? Spanish, Portuguese and German is currently in progress. If you are interested in participating in translating the Wannadive interface into your language, do not hesitate: contact us by email at wannadive@wannadive.net. Hope you will enjoy this new translation as much as we do.
  • Apr 24 
    [ Info ] Wannadive major upgrade Wannadive will be closed on Saturday 1st, may 2010 (between 2 PM to 6 PM GMT) for maintenance reason. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • Feb 08 
    [ Info ] Google Ocean 1st anniversary showcase Wannadive highlighted on Google Ocean 1st anniversary showcase. Watch the tour at http://earth.google.com/ocean/showcase/ Google says \"A showcase of worldwide dive spots, all data and photos contributed by locals.\" [img size=400]http://www.wannadive.net/community/components/com_joomlaboard/uploaded/images/wannadive_google_ocean_1st_anniversary_showcase.png[/img] Enjoy!
  • Mar 20 
    [ Info ] 4000 dive sites ! Wannadive.net has now more than 4 000 dive sites in its database. Thanks for all your contributions. Remember you can create your own diver profile, and pick existing dive sites to build your site list, then use your personal dive site map to enhance your own website :) Check Help & FAQ pages to get more...
  • Feb 02 
    [ Info ] Wannadive on Google Earth Wannadive.net has open its dive site database to Google Earth users. Install Google Earth V5.0 and launch it, then activate the Ocean layer. You can zoom in and see all Wannadive dive sites. To get more information on each dive site, click the dive flag. A popup will show the best available picture, some description and a link to the full description of the dive site Wannadive.net database has 4 000 dive sites; almost all of them has GPS coordinates and are shown on Google Maps/Earth. You are welcome to fix location errors or add missing GPS location to all dive sites! Enjoy and contribute! Wannadive team
  • May 15 
    [ Info ] Trip maps & your GPS waypoints Hi folks, Wannadive now offers two new features: - Trip maps: If you have logged dives from dive sites that have GPS coordinates; your trip now displays a map with all your logged spots! - My Dive Sites GPS file: You can download from the "My Dive Sites" page the GPS waypoints file of your own spots. This includes GPX/PCX5 formats for your GPS device and KML format for Google Earth. Enjoy and contribute! Wannadive team
  • May 05 
    [ Info ] Server migration Dear all, To increase our websites response time, we will migrate this month our web server and database server to two brand new powerful servers. The database server will be migrated first this week. The websites will be unavailable for a couple of minutes. Best, Wannadive team
  • Oct 24 
    [ Info ] Map your dived sites Hi Folks, Your 'Dive Sites List' has now a new column named 'GPS' with an icon: - A black & white 'antenna' if the dive site is already geo-localized (meaning the GPS localization for the dive site is set, and this dive site is plotted in your Dive Sites Maps). - A green 'plus' icon if the dive site has NOT been geo-localized yet. In this case, this dive site will NOT be plotted on your 'Dive Sites Map' (Both the world image with red pin, and the interactive Google Map). Just click the 'plus' icon to localize the dive site using an interactive Google map. Once all of your 'Dive Sites' geolocalized, your maps will display all your Dive Sites! Remember you can embed your map into your Facebook, MySpace, Blogger, iGoogle pages... See http://www.wannadive.net/help/gadgets/ for help. Best, Wannadive Team
  • Sep 12 
    [ Info ] Browse dive sites into Google Earth Dear all, Wannadive.net has just open its dive site database to Google Earth users. Login into the community, then browse Wannadive.net atlas to a specific location. You will notice a new Google Earth icon with a link to download the Google Earth KML file. Simply click the KML link. If Google Earth is installed, this will open Google Earth and automatically zoom on the corresponding location! To get more information on each dive site, click the dive flag. A popup will show the best available picture, GPS information, and a link to the full description of the dive site. Enjoy and contribute! Wannadive team
  • Jul 10 
    [ Info ] New RSS feeds for dive logs & dive trips New RSS feeds are available for dive logs and dive trips (both for all divers or just you). This will help you to add into your personnal iGoogle page or external blog your lastest dives and trip. Enjoy and contribute Wannadive.net !
  • May 21 
    [ Info ] Server upgrade Dear wannadivers - we have finally upgraded the server(s), which is not cheap, but should make the site much more stable and bring page-loading back to a reasonable speed. We are already looking to boost the current configuration, as this will certainly slow over time. In the meanthime, enjoy the new, faster wannadive! Admin Team
  • Apr 24 
    [ Info ] Scuba Directory Wannadive.net is launching a new Scuba Directory for professionnals. This directory (Yellow pages system) is fully integrated into the Dive Site Atlas. check the Scubadiving Business tab for more information. Enjoy & contribute Wannadive.net !
  • Feb 09 
    [ Info ] Happy Birthday ! Happy Birthday ! Wannadive.net was launched two years ago, in february 2005. Today, we are proud to provide more that 1000 dive sites worldwide. The new community comes as a gift to all users that have contributed. Thank you. Wannadive team.
  • Feb 04 
    [ Info ] Official launch of Wannadivers ! After several months of tests, the Wannadivers Community is officially open. We would like to thanks all beta-testers that joined us to make this possible. Enjoy and contribute Wannadive.net !
  • Jan 16 
    [ Info ] Invite your Friend(s) - Build your Network Huge News....the 8th menu-item on the left (on the Registered Users menu) has changed from: "Invite Friend", to "Invite Friends" oh yes, there is an extra "s" for free: we worked out that some of you have more than one friend... OK. actually we have changed the system to allow you to Select and Invite your friends directly from your existing address-books GMAIL, HOTMAIL, YAHOO, even OUTLOOK - without having to type in all those fiddley addresses. Why invite friends? well; not only will this build your network directly (since accepted invites are automatically logged as Friends) but it will also increase your community Karma... All is explained here with screenshots to walk you through the process... http://www.wannadive.net/community/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=18&Itemid=27 We will also open a forum-thread for questions on this feature. Lastly, we are mailing you as a registered user - normally we should use the Newsletter feature but for this to work you must sign up for it (again, via your profile). We encourage you to do so as future communications will eventually only be sent out to users who have accepted to receive the Newsletter..... Happy Inviting Wannadivers Community Admin
  • Nov 30 
    [ Info ] Wannadiver Beta tester? Do you wanna become a Wannadiver beta tester? If yes, just go to http://www.wannadive.net/community and create a new account. Follow the welcome guide to get started. An we are in beta stage, please report any bugs or requests using the dedicated forum. Thank you for trying first the new Wannadivers Community.
  • Sep 22 
    [ Info ] Wannadive.net on your mobile Now you can access your Wannadive.net atlas from the web browser on your mobile phone or device!
  • Aug 11 
    [ Info ] Wannadive PDF guides Did you notice something different? There is now a new gorgeous functionnality in Wannadive.net atlas... You can export in PDF a dive site, a zone or even a country!!! Browse the atlas to your next dive trip location, and just click the 'your wannaguide' link to get your own PDF copy!
  • Jul 14 
    [ Info ] New Google Maps We have upgraded our maps to the V2 of Google Maps. This increase a lot the resolution of some countries and zone. For example, check the new map of Layang-Layang...
  • Jun 07 
    [ Info ] New server for Wannadive.net The wanndive.net website will migrate to a new server shortly. More powerfull server, more diskspace, and soon more functionnality... If you notice any trouble, please contact the webmaster. Enjoy and contribute !

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