Clownfish, Philippines. Photo by Stephane Rochon.

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 Kerama Islands

Japan, Ryukyu archipelago

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Dive sites

Dive sites (4)
Quality Avg depth Max depth Experience Dive type
Dragon Lady 3 / -
10 m 28 m All divers
Gishippu Island 3 / -
13 m 17 m CMAS * / OW
Kame Paradise 1 / -
15 m 20 m All divers
Nozaki 3 / -
15 m 18 m All divers


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 Dive logs

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diego avatar
Dragon Lady
Door diego
Dec 15, 2009
Airplane wreck - Seeing boat wrecks is common, but what about aircrafts? We got the chance to see the remains of a WW2 fighter. There wasn't much left: part of the cockpit and part of a wing. We also saw an unexploded bomb... scary.Near the boat I saw people phot
diego avatar
Door diego
Dec 15, 2009
Coral everywhere - The coral formations were fantastic. The site was a bit crowded though, which gave me the chance to photograph people photographing the corals ;-)
diego avatar
Kame Paradise
Door diego
Dec 13, 2009
Encounter with turtles - We encounter the expected creatures... turtles! The first one was quite deep, at about 19 m. when it saw us it started to go up to the surface. I was carried away photographing it and I didn't notice I was ascending too fast... at the mark of abo
diego avatar
Gishippu Island
Door diego
Dec 13, 2009
A good start to diving Kerama - This is my first dive at Kerama, and a great one. There was some current so we did it the usual way: start against the current, and then drift back to the starting point. Visibility was a good 20 metres, and the water was warm (24 C) considering it&#

 Dive trips

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diego avatar
Trip: Okinawa 2010
Door diego
Van Dec 12, 2009 tot Dec 24, 2009
Visit to Okinawa, mostly for diving. We dived several sites at the Kerama islands, near Naha, the main city of Okinawa, and Taketomi, next to Ishigaki island.


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