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 Saint Martin

Central America

The southern Dutch half is called Sint Maarten and is part of the Netherlands Antilles; the northern French half is called Saint-Martin and is part of the French overseas région and département of Guadeloupe. Collectively, the two territories are known as, "St.-Martin/St. Maarten", "St. Martins", or simply, "SXM".

Location: Saint Martin is a tropical island in the northeast Caribbean, approximately 240 km east of Puerto Rico, Caribbean.
Geographic coordinates: 18° 3.6' N, 63° 3' W
Coastline km: km
Climate: tropical; ameliorated by northeast trade winds
Natural hazards:
Population: 64 000 (French + Dutch)
Capital: Marigot (French side); Philipsburg (Dutch side)

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Equipment Keine Ahnung Keine Ahnung Keine Ahnung Keine Ahnung Keine Ahnung Keine Ahnung Keine Ahnung Keine Ahnung Keine Ahnung Keine Ahnung Keine Ahnung Keine Ahnung
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Dive sites

Dive sites (17)
Quality Avg depth Max depth Experience Dive type
Big Mama's Reef - / -
12.2 m 50 m All divers
Cable Reef - / -
16.8 m 22.9 m CMAS * / OW
Carib Cargo - / -
15 m 20 m CMAS * / OW
Circus - / -
14 m 20 m CMAS * / OW
Creole Rock 3 / -
6 m 10 m All divers
Fish Bowl - / -
13.7 m 19.2 m CMAS * / OW
Gregory - / -
15.2 m 16.8 m CMAS * / OW
Hen and Chicken - / -
10 m 21 m All divers
HMS Proselyte 5 / -
6.1 m 13.7 m All divers
Jimmy Wall - / -
15 m 20.4 m CMAS * / OW
La basse espagnole - / -
14 m 20.1 m CMAS * / OW
Little Bay 3 / -
6.5 m 8 m CMAS * / OW
One Step Beyond - / -
12.2 m 21.3 m CMAS ** / AOW
Roequot Wreck 2 / -
14 m 17 m All divers
Sec de Grand Case - / -
7 m 10 m All divers
The Maze - / -
23 m 23 m CMAS * / OW
Turtle Reef 3 / -
8 m 12 m All divers


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Creole Rock
Saint Martin

Creole Rock
Saint Martin

Flat Island
Saint Martin

Flat Island
Saint Martin


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 Dive logs

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ccnicholls99 avatar
HMS Proselyte
By ccnicholls99
Aug 19, 2016
- Spotted 3 Caribbean Reef Sharks, loads of Fr. Grunt. Nice Spiny Lobster running across the sand between rock outcroppings.

Little Bay
By tbarlow
May 8, 2015
Little Bay - With Scott and Elli thru AquaMania Adventures. Saw many tropical fish. Flamingo Tongue Snail, Peacock Flounder, Porcuine Fish, Sea Spider, Smooth Trunk fish, Yellow Tail Snapper and French Grunts. Also saw old submarine, front half of a small plane a
Robert Ouellet avatar
Fish Bowl
By Robert Ouellet
Apr 25, 2013
Récif en forme de E -
Robert Ouellet avatar
By Robert Ouellet
Mar 30, 2013
La dernière à Sint-Maarten -
Robert Ouellet avatar
Cable Reef
By Robert Ouellet
Mar 30, 2013
Faut palmer... - Une belle plongée, mais le courant est tellement fort, que l'on doit palmer constamment.  Le câble (un câble de remorquer, pris dans un corail) est bien visible.  J'ai traversé une épave avec un peti

 Dive trips

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Trip: 2015 St Maarten
By tbarlow
From May 7, 2015 to May 14, 2015



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