Clownfish, Philippines. Photo by Stephane Rochon.

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 Old Club Reef


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By BryanF , 09-06-2012

Old Reef - Disappointing vis at 3m but if you're just doing a check dive it might as well be in a poor dive site. Couldn't believe some divers carried spear guns in a crowded dive site and actually waved tham around in low vis where fish were feeding near other divers.

By TheEagleGuy , 13-11-2010

Not as bad as some may say - I have dived this site on regular basis for more than a year now. being the only easily accessible dive site in Qatar (at least that I know of) it does tend to get very busy at the weekends. And the combination of sandy bottom and a many inexperienced divers will occasionally cause very poor visibility. But the site actually has quite a lot more going for it than you may think when you first dive it. During the summer the water gets very hot (up to 36C this summer - 2010) and during that time it seems it simply gets too hot and the marine life that can moves to deeper and colder waters. As the water cools the marine life returns and during the early spring there is actually quite a lot of fish, nudibranches, brittle stars, cuttle fish, crabs, sea snakes, barricudas and rays to be seen. If you want to see the best this site has to offer then try a night dive!

By drfaleh , 06-09-2010

- cars, a slde, a toilet seat and other objects, not much marine life ,,, a favorate for instructors as a training site...

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