Clownfish, Philippines. Photo by Stephane Rochon.

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 San Roque and Padre Burgos

Philippines, Visayas, Leyte

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Dive sites

Dive sites (11)
Quality Avg depth Max depth Experience Dive type
Ampo Reef - / -
15 m 20 m All divers
Coral Garden 1 / -
20 m 35 m All divers
Heaven's gate 2 / -
20 m 40 m CMAS ** / AOW
House Reef 3 / -
10 m 15 m All divers
Max Climax Wall - / -
12.1 m 44.7 m CMAS ** / AOW
Medicare 1 / -
20 m 30 m CMAS * / OW
Padre Burgos Pier - / -
5 m 6 m All divers
Peter's mound - / -
15 m 40 m CMAS ** / AOW
Peter's Wreck - / -
17 m 25 m All divers
Robs Reef - / -
14 m 35 m All divers
Turtle Rock - / -
22 m 36 m CMAS ** / AOW


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Coral Garden

Heaven s gate

Heaven s gate

House Reef


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 Dive logs

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chris avatar
Coral Garden
Von chris
Apr 19, 2007
Last dive at Leyte - Delphine found a Yellow Pygmee Seahorse on a seafan near 35m. I took several pictures then it was time to leave for the decco... 15min at 3m ! Hope the pictures will rocks :)
chris avatar
Ampo Reef
Von chris
Apr 17, 2007
Ampo - Coral garden
chris avatar
House Reef
Von chris
Apr 16, 2007
Night dive - night dive with Bruce and Stephane. Sleeping turtle, a lot of seaslugs and shrimps. Try to take some cuttlefish pictures :)
chris avatar
Von chris
Apr 16, 2007
Turtle meeting - See dive site description
chris avatar
Heaven's gate
Von chris
Apr 15, 2007
Coral garden - See dive site description...

 Dive trips

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chris avatar
Reise: Magellan cruise, Visayas, Philippines
Von chris
Von Apr 7, 2007 bis Apr 21, 2007
  Destination: The Magellan Safari between Cebu and Leyte; including Malapascua and Gato Island, Mahaba ((Quatros Islas), San Roque (near Padre Burgos), Limasawa Island and Panoan Island (napantao & snorkelling with whale sharks).


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