Whale Shark, Philippines. Photo by Stephane Rochon.

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Australia, WA

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Rottnest Island 12 0

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Dive sites

Dive sites (23)
Quality Avg depth Max depth Experience Dive type
Alkimos Wreck - / -
8 m 10 m All divers
Apex club - / -
5 m 23 m All divers
Bicton Baths - / -
2 m 6 m All divers
Boy in the boat reef - / -
3 m 4 m All divers
Boyinaboat reef - / -
5 m 8 m CMAS * / OW
Cottesloe - / -
7 m 11 m All divers
Cottesloe Groyne - / -
4 m 7 m All divers
D9 Wreck - / -
13.5 m 13.5 m Don't know
Hamersley Pool - / -
3 m 6 m All divers
Hillarys North Wall - / -
4 m 6 m CMAS * / OW
Hillarys North Wall - inshore - / -
2 m 3 m All divers
Lake Leschenaultia - / -
3 m 5 m All divers
Little Island - / -
1.5 m 6 m All divers
Mettams Pool 1 / -
2.0 m 3.0 m All divers
North Cottesloe Reef - / -
4 m 8 m All divers
Porpoise Bay - / -
15 m 20 m All divers
Robb's Jetty 8 / -
5 m 8 m All divers
Swan River - / -
8 m 24 m All divers
Trigg Point - / -
4 m 9 m All divers
Waterman Beach - / -
4 m 14 m All divers
Woodman Point - / -
4 m 10 m All divers
Woodmans Point Ammunition Jetty 6 / -
3 m 6 m All divers
Yanchep Beach - / -
5 m 7 m All divers


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Mettams Pool

Robb s Jetty

Robb s Jetty

Robb s Jetty


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 Dive logs

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Gemfyre avatar
Woodman Point
De Gemfyre
May 12, 2012
- After a week of cold, wet Autumn weather Saturday was a sunny 29 degrees so Craig and I decided to go for a dip at Woodman Point. There was a notable lack of fish over the seagrass, but we soon discovered everything seemed to lurking in the sh
Gemfyre avatar
Hillarys North Wall - inshore
De Gemfyre
Apr 14, 2012
- Mild day, little wind, but visibility was pretty much zero.  Didn't see one fish.  Decided to leave the water after 15-20 minutes.  Bummer.
Gemfyre avatar
Cottesloe Groyne
De Gemfyre
Feb 26, 2012

 Dive trips

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Gemfyre avatar
Viagem: Woodman Point
De Gemfyre
Do Mar 5, 2012 ao Mar 5, 2012
What was planned to be a quick dive at Hamersley Pool this morning turned into a half day trip to Woodman Point.  Hamersley was crowded and way too choppy for snorkelling - the surfers were happy though.  Marie suggested Cottesloe so we w
Gemfyre avatar
Viagem: Hillary's North Wall
De Gemfyre
Do Mar 3, 2012 ao Mar 3, 2012
Took Marie here as it was new area for her and she was excited by what I'd seen.  This time we spent more time investigating the seagrass bed in the shallows - which revealed species like Gobbleguts and Sea Trumpeter - both new for me.
Gemfyre avatar
Viagem: Hillary's North Wall
De Gemfyre
Do Mar 1, 2012 ao Mar 1, 2012
Yesterday I went to another dive store (this one a warehouse, so the prices were excellent) and purchased a rashy and a backpack to carry all my gear in.   Today I dragged Alison out to the beach.  I decided to investigate the wall of
Gemfyre avatar
Viagem: Cottesloe Groyne (eventually)
De Gemfyre
Do Feb 26, 2012 ao Feb 26, 2012
I spent the week pretty much constantly thinking about going out to the ocean again.  I got out "Snorkeling and Scuba Diving for Dummies" and a fish field guide from the library.  I almost bought a stinger suit, but instead opte
Gemfyre avatar
Viagem: Hamersley & Mettam's Pool
De Gemfyre
Do Feb 19, 2012 ao Feb 19, 2012
Headed out in the morning with Marie and Craig to Hamerlsey Pool for my first proper snorkel.  I borrowed one of Marie's masks as mine always wants to fog up.  Also learned that my fins are technically a bit too small, got mild pins a


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